The Port and the Image III: Echoes of the Port (EXHIBITION) 港口与影像III: 口岸的回响 (展览)


The Port and the Image III: Echoes of the Port


China Port Museum


Participant Artists (Alphabetically)

CHEN Ronghui, CHENG Xinhao, LIU Yujia, SONG Tianqi, SUN Haiting, WANG Hanlin, Yoshikatsu Fujii


HE Yining


Curatorial Statement

The third edition of “The Port and the Image” is based on the theme “Echos of the Port”. Starting from commissioned practices of the artists, with exhibition and publication planning, this session reflects upon the changes in the concept of “port”, its transportation, geographical space, and cultural production during the hundred years of China’s modern history. This project invites six young artists who are active in the field of image creation – Chen Ronghui, Wang Hanlin, Sun Haiting, Song Tianqi, Cheng Xinhao and Liu Yujia – to make visual explorations respectively around different issues of Hainan Free Trade Port, Shandong Port, Dandong, Harbin, Kunming and Kunlun Mountain/Bianjiang Hotel.


The logic of this exhibition and publication revolves around the dialogue between the port city (region) in history and at the present, and unfolds in two frameworks of space and time separated by a hundred years: firstly, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, confronting the colonial expansion of the imperialist powers represented by the British Empire, the trading ports, as a product of the modern Chinese treaty system, became the nodes of the infrastructural network of China’s modern transportation, and were connected with the wider semi-colonial and semi-feudal social structure, the expansion of shipping and railway systems, as well as nationalism; secondly, at the beginning of the 21st century, under the formulation of geopolitical policies such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the “Free Trade port” initiative, port cities (regions), as the core of a new round of transportation infrastructure, connect areas, countries and global trade together by renovating economy and regional culture.


In addition, considering the impact of the continuous pandemic on transportation and travelling between China and the world, this project also hopes to use the artists’ “depiction” of the current ports to reflect on the general impact of the pandemic and its policies on the regional economy, trade, cultural communication, and people’s daily lives. Affected by the pandemic, “The Port and the Image III” has been postponed to the second half of 2022. The works of the six commissioned artists and the project completed by Japanese photography artist Yoshikatsu Fujii in 2019 will be exhibited over the summer.





“The Port and the Image” project was co-initiated by visual art researcher and curator He Yining and the China Port Museum in 2016. Its original intention was to explore the natural environment of China’s port area development under the background of global economic integration, as well as different issues derived from the spatial relationship of port cities, by commissioning artists to carry out photography and related media practices. As of 2022, “The Port and the Image” project has commissioned 21 artists to create works on 20 port cities and ports (regions) in China and Japan. In addition to the biennial exhibition and publication plan of the China Port Museum, the project, in the past six years, with the help of a wide range of responses and discussions from the media and related research institutions, we have continued to focus on the cultural and creative practices related to the port on the one hand, while keep reflecting and expanding the direction and logic of the commission on the other.


China Port Museum


The China Port Museum was approved and named by the State Council of China. It was established in 2014 and is located in Chunxiao Binhai New Town, Beilun District of Ningbo City in Zhejiang Province. It is a national first-level museum and a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. With the theme of port culture, the China Port Museum integrates the functions of education, exhibition, collection, scientific research, tourism, and international exchange. It is global, professional, and interactive and is considered the most extensive and highest-level port museum in our country. The China Port Museum is an essential base for studying port history, inheriting port culture and maritime civilization, and a crucial cultural fulcrum of the Maritime Silk Road in the new century.


港口与影像 III:口岸的回响




参展艺术家:陈荣辉 、程新皓 、刘雨佳 、宋天琪、孙海霆 、王翰林、藤井良雄









中国港口博物馆由国务院批准命名,位于浙江省宁波市北仑区春晓滨海新城,建成于2014年,是国家一级博物馆和国家 4A 级景区。中国港口博物馆以港口文化为主题,集教育、展示、收藏、科研、旅游、国际交流等功能于一体,具有国际性、专业性和互动性,是我国规模最大、等级最高的港口专题博物馆。中国港口博物馆是研究港口历史,传承港口文化、传播海洋文明的重要基地,是新世纪海上丝绸之路的重要文化支点。


Photo credit: Fan Yu


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