New Connection Open Call (Exhibition)

New Connection Open Call Exhibition



Participating artists:

Cai Minhao, Ding Tielin, Guo Yingguang & Jiang Peiyuan, Huang Jieyuan, Li Zeming, Lv Geer, Ren Lingfei, Shang Huage, Shi Yangkun, Yu Jiayue & Liu Xinyu, Zhao Jiawei, Zhang Moyi & Wang Hao


He Yining

Photographs of khaki sofas and curtains from the real world appear as mirrors on the countertop of an outdoor glass table, with the edges separating into chunky puzzle pieces that are scattered throughout the image. This fusion of reality and fiction questions our visual experience in a blurred time and space while building a sensory imagination around “relationships”.

From Yu Jiayue and Liu Xinyu’s intuitive photography and the use of 3D modelling technology to expand the fictional scene to Guo Yingguang and Jiang Peiyuan’s series of intervening image transformations around the shooting of indoor still life, to Ren Lingfei’s creative experiment of borrowing masterpiece in art history as visual references and using screens as windows to map spatial metaphors and interpersonal relationships, the works selected for the “New Connection” open call held by FUJIFILM X-SPACE span different genres of contemporary photographic creation. The exhibited works reflect the visual exploration of photography practitioners’ concept of the “relationship” between the current epidemic and technological changes.

During the three-month preparation process, the finalists expand the richness of the works in the exhibition through new creative practices with the Fujifilm X series and GFX series cameras based on the original submissions, which on the one hand, re-examine the reconnection between human beings and the natural environment and society in the process of living with the epidemic, and on the other hand, the “in-situ” and “in-situ” aspects of the photographic medium. On the other hand, the exhibition outlines various viewing paths in the photographic medium through “local site” and “future imagination”.

New Connection Open Call Exhibition





从俞嘉悦与刘心予以直觉性的拍摄为基础,并利用3D建模技术拓展虚构场景;到郭盈光与姜培源围绕室内静物的拍摄,展开的一系列相互介入的图像改造;再到任泠霏以借用艺术史名作为视觉参考,以视频窗口映射空间隐喻和人际关系的创作实验,首届X-SPACE富士影像共享空间“New Connection”公开征集的入选作品跨越当下摄影创作的不同类型,整体反映出摄影实践者们对当下疫情与科技更迭之于“关系”概念的视觉探索。


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