NL Imagined (exhibition) Shanghai Center of Photography 想像荷兰(展览)上海摄影艺术中心

“想像荷兰”(NL Imagined)


马万·巴西奥尼(Marwan Bassiouni),约翰内斯·博斯格拉(Johannes Bosgra),汉斯·艾克尔布姆(Hans Eijkelboom),马维尔·哈里斯(Marvel Harris),埃瑞克·卡瑟斯(Erik Kessels),黛娜·利申博格(Dana Lixenberg),科琳娜·诺登博斯(Corinne Noordenbos),欧文·奥拉夫(Erwin Olaf),波林·奥斯登(Paulien Oltheten),薇薇安·萨森(Viviane Sassen),吉勒姆·特拉彭伯格(Gilleam Trapenberg)


何伊宁(Yining He)、鲁小本(Ruben Lundgren)

场馆 Venue

上海摄影艺术中心(Shanghai Center of Photography)

Address: Shanghai Center of Photography, 2555-1 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai


“NL Imagined” is a survey of contemporary Dutch photography curated by Yining He and Ruben Lundgren. The exhibition includes the work of 11 established and emerging artists living and working in the Netherlands (NL). The exhibition showcases the artists’ responses to contemporary topics concerning the Netherlands’ history, society and culture. In the collected works of these photographers, we find challenges to established paradigms of both the language and techniques inherent in the Dutch photographic tradition. The approaches taken reflect the artists’ efforts to reshape contemporary Dutch photographic arts with greater relevance to the rapidly evolving present times.

“NL Imagined” features works from Marwan Bassiouni, Johannes Bosgra, Hans Eijkelboom, Marvel Harris, Erik Kessels, Dana Lixenberg, Corinne Noordenbos, Erwin Olaf, Paulien Oltheten, Viviane Sassen and Gilleam Trapenberg. Through a wide array of creative approaches, the participating artists capture the architecture of sacred spaces and look at nature, community and everyday life, together with topics of colonization, personal identity, and kinship, as topics for reflection. These combine into a new current dialogue between history and the present, between today’s reality and what local audiences might imagine about the Netherlands.

Promoting deeper communication between China and the Netherlands is one of the primary motivations for this exhibition project. This year marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands. “NL Imagined” is an essential cultural component of a broader program conceived in celebration of this anniversary. The Netherlands is a global centre for art publishing, with a long history of design excellence, including photo books. “NL Imagined” includes examples of award-winning books published by six leading Dutch publishers and other institutions on loan from the cultural section of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a range of online and offline sharing and discussion on practices in Dutch photography.

“NL Imagined” opens on August 6th, 2022, at the Shanghai Center of Photography.





Photo credit: Ruben Lundgren  图片惠允:鲁小本


“NL Imagined “Education and Public Program Series


“NL Imagined” is a survey exhibition of contemporary Dutch photography featuring the works of eleven artists. In addition to critically examining the artists’ responses to historical, social, and cultural issues in the Netherlands, the exhibition challenges the inherent traditional paradigms, visual languages, techniques, and methods, reflecting the artists’ efforts in reimagining and reshaping the contemporary scene of photography.

As an essential part of this cultural project, four sections comprise the education and public program series: Dutch Photography Observed, Higher Arts Education in NL, Practice Space for Dutch Artists, and Dutch Institutional Photography Theories. Both online and offline lectures and seminars will be held to discuss topics including education, publication, and institutional practices in the Netherlands.

“想像荷兰”是一场围绕荷兰当代摄影艺术的调查展,共呈现11位艺术家的摄影作品。展览不仅批判 性地考察了艺术家们对荷兰历史、社会、文化等议题的回应,同时挑战了荷兰摄影传统中固有的范 式、语言和技术,反映出艺术家们重塑荷兰当代摄影的努力。

作为该文化项目中的重要组成部分,“想像荷兰”系列公共教育将分为四个板块——“荷兰摄影观察 站”“荷兰高等艺术教育行”“荷兰艺术家实践场”与“荷兰摄影机构论”,围绕荷兰摄影的教育、出版和 机构实践等议题展开线上、线下的分享与讨论。


I: Higher Arts Education in NL: Art/Emotional Practices as Group Learning

I: 荷兰高等教育行:作为集体学习的艺术/情感实践

Date 18/9/2022(Sunday) 7:00 p.m
Mediator: He Yining 主持人: 何伊宁
Co-ordinator:Li Xinyang 公教统筹:李欣阳
Guest Speakers: Gu Jiatu, He Bo 嘉宾:顾佳途、何博

The first lecture Higher Arts Education in NL, takes one of the most representative learning methods —— collective learning, as the entry point to examine Dutch higher arts education. Gu Jiatu and He Bo, two practitioners and educators with education backgrounds in the Netherlands, are invited to share their reflections on individual and collective experiences of higher arts education within the context of an increasingly industrialized Western art education system.

第一期讲座聚焦荷兰高等艺术教育中具有代表性的“集体学习”作为切入点,邀请顾佳途与何博—— 两位先后在荷兰接受艺术教育的实践者、教育者——分享并反思在日益产业化的西方艺术教育语境 下,荷兰高等艺术教育之于个人与集体的经验和感知。

 Gu Jiatu | speculative study

Speculative Study is a critical response to the structure of Western art education initiated by contemporary art researcher, curator, and institutional organizer Gu Jiatu. Higher education often provides a way for self-actualization and lays grounds for navigating a practical career path. Yet, we still want to ask if a certain kind of collective wish exists somewhere (it has always existed somewhere), where learning has nothing to do with these concerns but interrelates to collective progress. In other words, how to be together. It is a kind of collectivity based on AFFECT and brings out experimentations and imaginaries of coexistence that bonds us together. Taking his personal experiences studying at London College of Communication, UAL, and the Dutch Art Institute as the anchor, Gu will map out and sail along the streams of active learning, thinking, practices and innovation.


推想性研究是当代艺术研究者、策展人和机构组织者顾佳途对⻄方艺术教育结构发起的回应。高校 学习作为现实中个人价值实现的阶梯,为学生日后寻找工作和阶级晋升提供了基础。然而是否存在 一种(它其实一直存在某处),有一个集体的愿望, 在这里,学习与这些事情没有任何关系。是与 一种集体的自我发展有关,即我们之所以走到一起,是为了分享和发展我们,how to be together, 它是关于情感扩张的实践,其带来的各种思考。顾佳途的分享将以个人先后在伦敦艺术大学传媒学 院以及荷兰艺术研究学院的学习作为基点,沿着学习、思考、实践与创新的浮标航行。

He Bo | MAPS: Master‘s Education outside the Exhibition Space

Based on his experience, He Bo will introduce the structure and specialities of the master’s program Photography & Society (MAPS) offered at the Royal Academy of the Art, The Hague (KABK). In addition to sharing how the thesis project of the previous year’s graduates put into practice the core values and concepts of the program, He Bo will also bring attention to the collective created project Countercurrents by current students. A brief reflection on the pros and cons of the teaching methods at KABK will be presented for the reference of Chinese institutions.

 何博 | MAPS:展墙外的摄影硕士教育

何博将从个人经历出发,向听众介绍荷兰海牙皇家艺术学院(KABK)“摄影与社会”(MAPS)专业 的设置与特色。在分享上一年级同学的毕业创作是如何实践这个专业理念的基础上,何博还将以本 班级同学基于共同主题“海底武器处理”完成的摄影实践来简单分析这个专业在具体教学中的优点和 问题,为国内的老师和学生提供一些参考。


II: Dutch Photography Observed: NL Photography and Daily Life



Date: 24/9/2022(Saturday) 7:00 p.m
Mediator: He Yining 主持人: 何伊宁
Co-ordinator:Li Xinyang 公教统筹:李欣阳
Guest Speakers: Jessie Yingying Gong, Ruben Lundgren  嘉宾:龚颖颖,鲁小本

The second lecture focuses on and expands on the highly distinctive theme of today’s image landscape and publishing photo books in the Netherlands — daily lives. Participating artists of NL Imagined take different methods of looking and creative trajectories. Selectively choosing and capturing the relationships between people and among individuals, society, and history, Paulien Oltheten and Erik Kessels consider and criticize the public connections between photography and daily life through the building of the archives. On the other hand, with expertise in showing the close-up details of the everyday spaces and the city, Hans Eijkelboom and Ruben Lundgren allow viewers to see the ignored theatre of mundane lives. Ruben also takes on the role of the curator of this exhibition.

The first public education event of Dutch Photography Observed invites artist, writer Jessie Yingying Gong, and photographer and curator Ruben Lundgren. Based in Amsterdam, Jessie’s presentation will look into a few Dutch photographers’ works, which connects photography, daily life and archive; among them, Erik Kessels’s practices, including his collections of found images, vernacular photography, publication, etc.

第二期讲座聚焦荷兰当代摄影实践和出版中极具特色的主题——日常生活。在此次参展的艺术家中,波林·奥斯登(Paulien Oltheten)和埃瑞克·卡瑟斯(Erik Kessels)擅⻓将日常生活中人与人、 人与社会和历史的关系提取出来,通过影像和归档建构来完成一次次对摄影与日常的社会关系的观 看与批判。汉斯·艾克尔布姆(Hans Eijkelboom)和展览策展人、摄影师鲁小本(Ruben Lundgren)则擅长将日常生活中空间和城市的细节放大,用摄影向观众展现了时常被我们忽略的日 常剧场。

“荷兰摄影观察站”第一场公教活动将邀请到现居阿姆斯特丹的艺术家、写作者龚颖颖,她将通过几个荷兰摄影师的作品给大家分享摄影与日常生活的关系,分享包含埃瑞克·卡瑟斯的民间影像收藏与 出版在内的实践。同时,作为摄影实践者身份的鲁小本将分享他就读中央美院摄影系以来将近20年的创作实践,这些实践从不同的视角对准中国的街头和人们的日常生活,以其丰富的形态展现出鲁 小本创作中的幽默与沉思。

Jessie Gong | Photography and Daily Lives in the Netherlands

Taking the works of several Dutch photographers and artists as the starting point, Jessie will explore the charm of mundane images with the audience. As an observer of everyday life, the artist utilizes photography to capture the ordinary and the accidental and discover narrative possibilities and meanings of the vernacular found images within new contexts. Intervened by the artist with different approaches, these everyday moments sometimes unintentionally turn out to be extraordinary artworks. When we look closely through the language of photography, individual journeys, history, and generational changes are deeply embedded in these daily moments.

龚颖颖 | 荷兰摄影与日常生活

龚颖颖将以几位荷兰摄影师和影像工作者的作品为出发点,带领观众一起探索日常生活影像的魅 力。艺术家作为生活的观察者,通过摄影这一媒介,捕捉生活中的平常性和偶然性;或是发觉民间的现成影像,将它们置于不同的背景中,给予它们新的意义。这些普通的、平常的时刻, 通常无意成为艺术,而通过不同中介的参与,会成为偶然的艺术作品。我们对摄影的不同理解和运用,把日常生活放大,从而讨论人物的变化、时代的变迁。

Ruben Lundgren | Ruben’s China

As a 21-year-old Dutch photography student, Ruben Lundgren leaves for China on spec and decides to live there. While searching for the differences between the image versus reality, he has produced the most diverse projects and photobooks over almost 20 years.

This lecture explores the broad spectrum of Lundgren’s photography work in China. The photographer questions numerous photographic styles in a playful, often humorous way. From the conceptual Empty Bottles (2007), the performances of Lu Xiaoben (2010), the absurdist Wow Taobao (2020), to the journalistic Real Dreams (2021). The work is a celebration of the medium of photography in all its glory.



本讲座探讨了鲁小本在中国的摄影作品的广泛性。这位摄影师以一种俏皮的、经常是幽默的方式对众多摄影⻛格提出质疑。从概念性的《空瓶》(2007年)、到表演性的《鲁小本》(2010),从荒诞派的《WOW淘宝》(2020)到新闻性的《真实的梦》(2021)。这些作品是对摄影这一媒介 的所有荣耀的庆祝。


III: NL Photographic Institutions:
Shadows of Nothing: Photography Museums of the 21st Century

III: 荷兰摄影机构论:无事之影:21世纪的摄影博物馆 


Date 28/9/2022(Wednesday) 7:00 p.m
Mediator:Ruben Lundgren   主持人: 鲁小本
Co-ordinator:Li Xinyang  公教统筹:李欣阳
Guest Speakers: Mirjam Kooiman

The third lecture of NL Imagined at SCôP focuses on the representative photography museum of the Netherlands — Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (Foam). As an international and multicultural photography institution, Foam is committed to critical and open approaches to confront and challenge the role of photography in life. Foam builds the cultural landscape of Dutch photography through exhibitions, publications, public education programs, and many other institutional practices. The museum also publishes a quarterly international photography magazine Foam Magazine, each issue dedicated to a specific theme. In 2007, Foam launched Foam Talent, a search for talented worldwide photographers and a program devoted to supporting emerging image-makers. The next Foam Talent Call will be organized in 2023.

For this third event, we invite Mirjam Kooiman, art historian, writer and curator at Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam. Tracing the history and present of photography as an evolving technology, Mirjam will introduce several past exhibitions at Foam and inspire thoughts on how merging technologies with photography can help artists and museums expand the potential of the medium and related issues.

“想像荷兰”于上海摄影艺术中心展览期间的第三期讲座聚焦荷兰摄影代表性机构——坐落于荷兰阿姆斯特丹的Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam(Foam)摄影博物馆。Foam是一个面向国际和多面文化的摄影艺术博物馆,该博物馆致力于以批判性和开放性的方式来面对并挑战摄影在生活当中的角色,通过展览、出版物与公教活动等实践构建起荷兰摄影的文化矩阵。《FOAM》作为它旗下的同名刊物,一年中出版三次,常围绕某个特定的主题进行策划。Foam还于2007年发起Foam Talent活动,寻找并汇聚全球的作品,从而呈现并支持有才华的摄影新秀,下一届征集活动将于2023年举办。

“荷兰摄影机构论“第一场嘉宾邀请到Foam摄影博物馆的策展人米里亚姆·科伊曼(Mirjam Kooiman),她将从摄影作为一种技术以及其技术变迁的历史和当下作为线索,带领听众在Foam过往的若干展览之间穿行,思考摄影与技术的融合如何帮助艺术家与博物馆拓展媒介的潜能以及相关议题。

Mirjam Kooiman | Shadows of Nothing: Photography Museums of the 21st Century

Photography is a technology, and technologies are evolving continuously. As such, the medium of photography is shifting from what the lens can record to what the screen can display. Curator Mirjam Kooiman will highlight some of the exhibitions she staged at Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam in which artists have been paving the way for new ways of thinking about what photography is and can be, with works that are often made without a camera. It marks the introduction of other technologies that are merging with photography into the museum, prompting a debate on different requirements regarding technical skills, education and budgeting. What does it mean to be a photography museum in the 21st century?

米里亚姆·科伊曼 | 无事之影:21世纪的摄影博物馆

摄影是一种技术,而技术是不断发展的。因此,摄影的媒介正在从镜头可以记录的东西转向屏幕可以显示的东西。策展人米里亚姆·科伊曼将着重介绍她在阿姆斯特丹FOAM摄影博物馆举办的一些展览。在这些展览中,艺术家们一直在为思考摄影是什么、可以是什么的新方式铺平道路,他们的作品往往是在没有相机的情况下完成的。这标志着正在与摄影融合的其他技术被引入博物馆,促使人 们对有关技术技能、教育和预算的不同要求进行辩论。在21世纪成为一个摄影博物馆意味着什么?


IV: Practice Space for Dutch Artists:
In a Flight of Starlings: Contemporary Visual Arts and Complex Systems

IV: 荷兰艺术家实践场 :随椋鸟飞行: 当代视觉艺术与复杂系统

Date:6/10/2022(Saturday) 7:00 p.m
Mediator: He Yining 主持人: 何伊宁
Co-ordinator:Li Xinyang 公教统筹:李欣阳
Guest Speakers: Johannes Bosgra,Xiao Xing  嘉宾:约翰内斯·博斯格拉、十方(肖幸)

“The sky is fluttering with things in shifting shapes. Moving in unison, roaming through the vast sky, they suddenly squeeze together, scatter into larger shapes, and almost disappear the next moment. It is nearly impossible to predict their gorgeous shapes and densities. “This excerpt is from the description of the flight patterns of starlings by Giorgio Parisi, the 2021 Noble Price winner in physics. In his book, In a Flight of Starlings, Parisi guides us through theories of complex systems that involve organization and randomness by observing the flight of flocks of birds.

The title of the fourth lecture during the NL Imagined exhibition held at SCôP is a direct reference to the book In a Flight of Starlings (In un volo di storno), a publication of Giorgio Parisi. The lecture will focus on the participating artist Johannes Bosgra’s project, Murmurations. Inside a murmuration of starlings, the beauty of the flights is unfolded in his work that takes the bird as the subject. Meanwhile, the lecture will take off from the images of starlings to the discussion of contemporary art and complex systems. We invited the founder of In Vitro Art Lab, artist XiaoXing, to share his thoughts on “Do Machines Have Imagination?” an interdisciplinary topic that covers both artificial intelligence and ecological perception.

“天空中飞舞着一片片形状变化无常的物体,它们霎时变得很小,挤压在一起,霎时又延展开来,变来变去,忽而变得几乎看不⻅,忽而又黑压压一片。无论是形状还是密度都变幻莫测”,这段文字来 自2021年诺⻉尔物理学奖乔治·帕西里(Giorgio Parisi)针对椋鸟飞行的表述,也正是将椋鸟飞行作为考察研究,帕西里补充了不同复杂系统的有序和随机现象的理论。

“想像荷兰”展览于上海摄影艺术中心展览期间的第四期讲座沿用了乔治·帕西里出版物的书名《随椋鸟飞行》,聚焦荷兰艺术家约翰内斯·博斯格拉(Johannes Bosgra)参展项目《喃喃》——以椋鸟作为拍摄对象的创作语境和经历; 与此同时,讲座将从椋鸟的图像延伸到当代艺术与复杂系统的讨论,邀请艺术家、In Vitro 艺术实验室发起人十方(肖幸)就“机器具不具有想象力?”这一在人工智能和生态感知交叉之处的议题进行分享。

Johannes Bosgra | Capturing the Rhythm of the Starling Ballet 

When Johannes Bosgra sees a landscape, he hears music in his head and vice versa; they flow into each other. Classical music is his main inspiration. Collaborating with composers and musicians like Philip Glass, he creates Gesamtkunstwerke of his images and classical music. In this talk, he reflects on his process of using synaesthesia to turn murmurations of starlings into images that show the sublime musical rhythm of the dances they perform. Bosgra did not seek to merely document the behaviour of the swarms but to render their ballet in his minimalist style, emphasizing the essence of the rhythm and flowing energy of the starlings. Johannes Bosgra will also bring attention to the biodiversity loss of birds in the world. Since 1990 there has been a 40% loss in the number of starlings due to our species’ impact on our planet. With this beautiful explosion of biodiversity of the starlings, Bosgra wants to entice people to discuss the origins of this loss of biodiversity and the ways we can all contribute to leaving behind a better planet.

Murmurations were created during the pandemic when Bosgra was forced to stay close to home in 2020 and 2021. He saw a large swarm of one million starlings flit rhythmically across a deep blue sky, silhouetted like tiny black specks in musical motion at a nature reserve close to his home in the Netherlands. The starlings fly in swooping, intricately coordinated patterns and form abstract landscapes in the sky in a sublime musical rhythm. Utterly mesmerized by the unfolding choreography, he did not merely seek to document the swarms’ behaviour but to render their ballet in his minimalist style.

Since 1990 there has been a 40% loss in the number of starlings in the Netherlands. These murmurations in a Dutch nature reserve symbolise the loss of biodiversity, increasing the risk of new diseases jumping from animals to humans and sparking a new global pandemic. In the abstract forms in his images, he celebrates the beautiful explosion of biodiversity of the starlings. He wants to entice people to discuss the origins of this pandemic and how we can all contribute to a better environment and prevent a new pandemic.


当约翰内斯·博斯格拉看到风景时,他的脑海中就会出现音乐,反之亦然;它们相互交融。古典音乐是他的主要灵感来源。他与菲利普·格拉斯(Philip Glass)等作曲家和音乐家合作,将他的图像和古典音乐创作成整体艺术(Gesamtkunstwerke)。这次讲座中,他回顾了他使用共鸣将椋鸟的杂音变成图像的过程,这些图像显示了它们表演的崇高的音乐节奏。博斯格拉并不寻求仅仅记录鸟群的行为,而是以他自己的极简主义风格呈现它们的芭蕾舞,强调椋鸟的节奏和流动的能量的本质。约翰内斯·博斯格拉还将使人们关注世界上鸟类的生物多样性损失。自1990年以来,由于我们的物种对地球的影响,椋鸟的数量减少了40%。通过椋鸟这种美丽的生物多样性的爆发,博斯格拉希望吸 引人们讨论这种生物多样性丧失的根源,以及我们都能为留下一个更好的星球做出贡献的方法。

《喃喃》是约翰内斯·博斯格拉拍摄于2020年的作品。新冠疫情迫使约翰内斯·博斯格拉于2020年和 2021年待在家附近。在荷兰靠近家中的一个自然保护区,他看到近百万只椋鸟有节奏地飞过深蓝色的天空。这些椋鸟在天空中形成抽象的景观,形成一种崇高的音乐节奏。博斯格拉完全被这不断展开的编排迷住了,他并不仅仅只是记录鸟群的行为,而是以自己的极简主义⻛格呈现它们的“芭蕾舞”。

自1990年以来,由于我们的物种对地球的影响椋鸟的数量减少了40%。通过椋鸟这种美丽生物的消 失,博斯格希望诱导人们讨论这种生物多样性丧失的根源,寻找为传承一个更好的星球做出贡献的方法。在这些抽象的图像中,他庆祝着椋鸟种群数量的美丽爆发,并希望以作品为契机,引导人们 讨论大流行病的起源和为创造更好的环境、预防大流行病作出贡献的方式。

Xiao Xing | Do Machines Have Imagination? —AI, Flock of Birds, Bacteria and Stars

Imagination is translated as the ability to visualize things. In today’s world filled with artificial intelligence-generated images, we are forced to deal with whether machines or robots have imagination. Does this imagination challenge us? If so, in what ways? Furthermore, it is not difficult to figure out that computers, as machines, do not follow random rules. In other words, they are not functioning by chance. How can generative art that utilizes deterministic algorithms create works full of unpredictability and surprises? Along with the discussion of these questions in mind, Xiaoxing will share his reflections on the creative processes.

十方(肖幸):机器具不具有想象力? ——AI,鸟群,细菌和群星

想象力(imagination)的字面意思是指将事物图像化的能力。在人工智能生成图像大行其道的今 天,我们不得不面对一个问题,机器是否有想象力?这种机器的“想象力”是否会对我们形成挑战? 进一步我们也不难发觉,作为机器的计算机不具备严格意义上的“偶然性”,可是生成艺术借助算法 得到的结果充满了不可预测和惊喜,这是如何可能?我希望带着以上这些两难问题,与大家分享一 些的创作和思考。


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