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Voyage Never Knows

Voyage never knows is an first exhibition in China showcases 30 female photographers work. It will be exhibited at Gucang Contemporary Photography Space from July 12 to August 10. The exhibition, designed by the artist Yang zi and co-curated by Yining He, encourages only female providers and has received the works from 30 photographers by public collection on Weibo in 2 months. By means of photography, they reflected how they read a world of their own on those works with their own perceptive power, as well as their understanding towards life and their unique interpretation of the surrounding world.

Voyage Never Knows
Gucang Contemporary Photography Space, Lanzhou
2014. 7.12 —8.10
Curator: Yangzi Ren
Executive curator: Yining He
Director: Wang Lian
Designer: Liu Hao
參展藝術家:Abby Gong、包丞璐、宾冰、Changer、陈一橙、车向原、丁简、杜思然、杜扬、龚舒、何伊宁、黄思、林和染、林小刀、刘鸣、李爽、马车、Michelle、彭瑞秋、浦敏枫、文非易、文隽、武靖雯、煬子、姚瑶、Yinni Ma、张雪子、周梦婷、周琪、朱文琪

Artists: Abby Gong, Bao Chenglu, Bing bin, Changer, Chen Yicheng, Che Xiangyuan, Ding Jian, Du Siran, Du Yang, Gong Shu, He Yining, Huang Si, Lin Heran, Lin Xiaodao, Liu Ming, Li Shuang, Ma Che, Michelle, Peng Ruiqiu, Pu Minfeng, Wen Feiyi, Wen Juan, Wu Jingwen, Yangzi, Yao Yao, Yinni Ma, Zhang Xuezi, Zhou Mengting, Zhou Qi, Zhu Wenqi


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