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Milky Way

According to a common medieval legend, the Milky Way was formed from the dust raised by travelling pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella. In other words, the Milky Way overhead seems to point the way, so the route acquired the nickname that is dedicated to the one of the most important Christian pilgrimages in the world - Camino de Santiago.

Inspired by the concept of “walking art” by British artists Richard Long and Hamish Fulton, Yining He combined her interests in landscape and social documentary photography, creating The Milky Way, a series landscapes and portraits during her spiritual journey walking the Camino de Santiago. The project pays tribute to victims of the July 24th train crash on their way to Santiago de Compostella, on the eve of the annual festival of St. James.

Unlike the photojournalistic approach to the pilgrimage and its focus on the individual pilgrims experience, The Milky Way offers an engagement with the space and meditation on the spaces where it unfolds. It examines the historical, social, and visual discourse along the Camino de Santiago by exploring the relationships between the notion of space, time and pilgrims’ collective memories.

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Dec 12— 20, 2013




《圣地亚哥朝圣之路》在中世纪普遍流传的神话中,银河是由到圣地亚哥-德孔波斯特拉(Santiago de Compostella)的朝圣者们旅途中扬起的尘土而形成。也就是说,我们头顶上的银河是为朝圣者指路的,因而银河也有另外一个名字,那便是以世界上最著名的基督教朝圣路之一——“圣地亚哥之路”(Camino de Santiago)来命名。

受到理查德·朗(Richard Long)和汉密斯·富尔顿(Hamish Fulton)的“行走的艺术”这一概念的启发,何伊宁将自己对风景和社会纪实摄影的热情结合,创作了《圣地亚哥朝圣之路》,以风景和肖像的形式记录了她在圣地亚哥朝圣之路上的见闻。




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