The Routledge Companion to Photography and Visual Culture,Chinese Version 《摄影与视觉文化导论》(译著)

The Routledge Companion to Photography and Visual Culture is a seminal reference source for the ever-changing field of photography.

Comprising an impressive range of essays and interviews by experts and scholars from across the globe, this book examines the medium’s history, its central issues and emerging trends, and its much-discussed future. The collected essays and interviews explore the current debates surrounding the photograph as object, art, document, propaganda, truth, selling tool, and universal language; the perception of photography archives as burdens, rather than treasures; the continual technological development reshaping the field; photography as a tool of representation and control, and more.

One of the most comprehensive volumes of its kind, this companion is essential reading for photographers and historians alike.

Moritz Neumüller ed.
He Yining, Liu Zhangbolong, Wei Ran trans.
Routledge2018 Sep
Posts & Telecom Press, 2020 Feb

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