New Geography and Young Chinese Artists (symposium) 新地缘与中国青年艺术家(研讨会发言)


“From the Mundane World”, Launch Exhibition of He Art Museum


Panel 3: Sources of Knowledge in Chinese Contemporary Art

“New Geography and Young Chinese Artists”

He Art Museums


The talk is centred on the topic of the new geopolitics and young Chinese artists and seeks to consider the following issues from the perspective of an art practitioner and observer in relation to my own personal interaction and that of the young artists around me in the international geopolitics of current art production and, more importantly, the country in which we live.

What is the logic behind the post-Cold War global ‘new order’ and how did China establish a new geopolitical dimension through the practices of ‘de-dependence’? What are the common experiences of young Chinese artists growing up in the post-Cold War period? How have their personal experiences and creative choices been influenced by the new and changing geopolitics? How were the knowledge structures of these young artists compiled, and what new knowledge was produced through their work? What is the role of photography and video in the narrative of geopolitical works; and equally importantly, what kind of knowledge structures and values do the young artists, influenced by postmodern theories, invoke in their work in the face of the myths of capital and art, the grand narratives of the art world, in order to constantly break the existing artistic discourse? What is the magic in the work of these young artists that allows them to distance themselves from the secular art business, but at the same time struggle with the world they live in in a state of self-contradiction?








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