The Port and The Image II (editorial) 《港口与影像II》(编著)

New Publication “The Port and The Image II: The Disappearing Port”Out Now

Starting from artists’ practices, the second edition of “The Port and the Image” project uses the disappearing harbor as a metaphor to explore the relationship between both the modernity and traditional heritage of the port and its architectural, spatial, ecological, social and cultural aspects, examine the influence of the diminishing harbor culture on individuals and groups, and rediscover forgotten stories in historical and contemporary contexts.


“The Port and the Image II” has commissioned seven visual artists from China and Japan. Their works explore a wide variety of subjects, including the emotional connection between Qingdao and a family from the Jiaodong Peninsula over several generations; the relationship between Yichang (and its spirit) and the Chinese society, politics, and culture; the relationship between the environment and the everyday life of local residents at Chongqing’s Chaotianmen Dock; the evolution of the entertainment industry in Tianjin, a port city deeply influenced by harbor culture; the clash between local culture and personal experience at Fuzhou’s Mawei Port; visual accounts of historical events that took place at the Port of Yokohama in Japan; and associations between the intelligent harbor of Shanghai’s Yangshan Port and a modularized world.


The exhibition catalogue is designed by Jiazazhi Press and published by China Nationality Culture Press Co., Ltd.


Edited by He Yining, In collaboration with China Port Museum

With photographs by Chen Min,He Bo,Yoshikatsu Fujii、Mu Ge,Shi Zhen,Tang Xiaosong,Wu Ding

Design: Chen Yinhe (Jiazazhi Press)

889mm×1194mm 1/16

Edition of 800

2019-10, 978-7-5122-1233-6
, Chinese/English






书 名:港口与影像 II——消失的码头:在时空与记忆之间

作 者:中国港口博物馆

主 编:何伊宁


出 版:中国民族文化出版社

地 址:北京东城区和平里北街 14 号(100013)

发 行:010-64211754 84250639

印 刷:浙江经纬印业有限公司

开 本:889mm×1194mm 1/16

印 张:16

字 数:300 千

版 次:2019年10月第1版第1次印刷

印 数:800 册

I S B N 978-7-5122-1233-6

定 价:198.00 元



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