THE FLEETING UNION OF PORTALS (talk) “口岸联盟” (活动发言)



10.12-10.15 Ningbo 宁波, 10.15-10.19 Fuzhou 福州, 10.19-10.21 Quanzhou 泉州, 10.21-10.24 Xiamen 厦门 Portal Speakers: Feng Sha, Candice Lin, Liu Li, Ngoc Nau, Pablo José Ramirez, Sawangwongse Yawnghwe, Zhang Beiyu Informants: Chen Min,Cheng Tingting,He Yining, Huang Xiaowei, Lee Kai Chung, Lu Chuan, Ma Haijiao, Zheng Chuan, Zhu Xiang, Zhuang Qiqi,Huang Xiaowei, Chen Huaxian Organized by Guangdong Times Museum Hosted by Jiazazhi Press/Library, Phoenix·SEEWELL International Art Center, Quanzhou Maritime Museum, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Supported by Prohelvetia

交流嘉宾:萨望翁·雍维、张倍瑜、林丛欣、刘莉、玉瑙、冯莎、巴勃罗·何塞·拉米雷斯 参与者:陈柏麒、陈花现、程婷婷、李继忠、马海蛟、朱湘、卢川、何伊宁、郑川、陈旻、庄麒麒、黄晓伟、吴建儒、张涵露 主办机构:广东时代美术馆 合作机构:假杂志、凤凰·威狮国际艺术中心、泉州海外交通史博物馆、三影堂厦门摄影艺术中心 支持机构:瑞士文化基金会

Launched in 2012, the para-curatorial series of the Times Museum has gathered artists, scholars, researchers, and audiences through thematic seminars that bring cross-bordered discussions into the museum. However, this cosmopolitan spectrum of art has struggled to document and embody the fractured realities of a post-pandemic world, when heated public topics such as race, the Cold War, and decoupling widen the divide between we and they. Guangzhou is embedded within the rich network between southern China and the “souths” of the world, yet global connectivities among southern cultures and regions remain tenuous and underepresented in mainstream media. If we are to reclaim intimacies among distant peoples and places, and to shed light on our entangled existence filtered by frictions of the information sphere, we should propose other forms of knowledge embodiment that may help to bridge different understandings.




“Para-curatorial on the Move” is a special edition for 2020, while The Fleeting Union of Portals takes “treaty ports” as a conceptual portal to review early histories of colonial imperialism and the forming system of free trade, in which material exchange across continents and oceans gave birth to the convergence and divergence of cultures, societies, rituals, and images. With informants and hosts, the eclectic union will travel southward along major ports of coastal China, including Ningbo, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen, and will return to Guangzhou. It will activate multiple ways of sharing, including webinars and talks, artist workshops from scholars and curators, vlogs and video documentation, and museum studies and visits to local experts and artists. It is a collective exercise to forge new ground for public engagement and a fleeting attempt to break out from the spatial constraints of the exhibition space as well as the materiality of museum display.