Symposium “RETHINKING PHOTOGRAPHY: Can Photography Make a Change?”


Encontros da Imagem – International Photography Festival

Rethinking Photography” aims to give space for the discovery of ideas that define the contemporary thought, through the presence of artists from several territories of photography. Artists, historians and curators review the place of photography nowadays and, through their speeches, we will get to know the cultural and scientific practices that help us to think about the current representations of photography and the restrains in our roads to happiness. This multi- disciplinary gathering will explore topics ranging from the impact of technology in our lives, to documentary projects on the new ways of life in the pursuit of happiness, going through the autobiographical projects, all questioning the power of photography in contemporary times.


Moderation: Rodrigo Orrantia
Invited artists: Brian Griffin, Bruno Morais, Cristina de Middel, Karen Knorr, Neal Slavin, Luiz Carlos Felizardo e Teresa Siza

Photobook Talks:
Pierre Bessard, Dieter Neubert, He Yining e Tiago Santana

Book Launches:
Birte Kaufmann, “The Travellers”
Céline Gaille, “Accepte-le”
Cristina de Middel, “The Afronauts”
Christiane Peschek e Tiago Casanova, “The Backup Project”
Karolin Klüppel, “Kingdom of Girls”
Mário Macilau, “Growing in Darkness”


在布拉加(Braga)举行的影像会摄影节(Encontros da imagem)已成为国内国际范围内领先的视觉艺术盛会。

影像会摄影节(Encontros da imagem)将有葡萄牙和外国艺术家的共同参与,展览作品涵盖各个领域,包括历史图片、纪实摄影以及观念摄影等等。

此项摄影界在影像博物馆的协调下,在全市不同场馆举办,包括的迷之家(Casa dos Crivos)的,梅纳海姆城堡(Torre de Menagem),比斯卡尼奥博物馆(Museu dos Biscainhos)以及蒂邦伊斯修道院(Mosteiro de Tibães)。

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