NL Imagined (exhibition) Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Xiamen 想像荷兰(展览)三影堂厦门摄影艺术中心

“想像荷兰”(NL Imagined)



参展艺术家 Artists

马万·巴西奥尼(Marwan Bassiouni),约翰内斯·博斯格拉(Johannes Bosgra),汉斯·艾克尔布姆(Hans Eijkelboom),马维尔·哈里斯(Marvel Harris),埃瑞克·卡瑟斯(Erik Kessels),黛娜·利申博格(Dana Lixenberg),科琳娜·诺登博斯(Corinne Noordenbos),欧文·奥拉夫(Erwin Olaf),波林·奥斯登(Paulien Oltheten),薇薇安·萨森(Viviane Sassen),吉勒姆·特拉彭伯格(Gilleam Trapenberg)

策展人 Curator

何伊宁(Yining He)、鲁小本(Ruben Lundgren)

场馆 Venue

北京三影堂摄影艺术中心Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing)

Curated by He Yining (China) and Ruben Lundgren (the Netherlands), “NL Imagined” is a unique cultural project initiated by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2022. After two years of preparation, the exhibition was first presented at the Shanghai Center of Photography in August. It will be on tour from 16 December 2022 at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing). Three Shadows cordially invites you to come to Caochangdi to experience these photographers’ diverse perspectives in different contexts and to join us in a visual dialogue with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Notably, the exhibition responds to “China Imagined” at the 2020 BredaPhoto Festival in the Netherlands and demonstrates the ongoing dialogue and communication between the photographic arts of China and the Netherlands.

“NL Imagined” is a survey of contemporary Dutch photography curated by Yining He and Ruben Lundgren. The exhibition includes 11 established and emerging artists living and working in the Netherlands (NL). The exhibition showcases the artists’ responses to contemporary topics concerning the Netherlands’ history, society and culture. In the collected works of these photographers, we find challenges to established paradigms of the language and techniques inherent in the Dutch photographic tradition. The approaches taken reflect the artists’ efforts to reshape contemporary Dutch photographic arts with greater relevance to the rapidly evolving present times.

“NL Imagined” features works from Marwan Bassiouni, Johannes Bosgra, Hans Eijkelboom, Marvel Harris, Erik Kessels, Dana Lixenberg, Corinne Noordenbos, Erwin Olaf, Paulien Oltheten, Viviane Sassen and Gilleam Trapenberg. Through a wide array of creative approaches, the participating artists capture the architecture of sacred spaces and look at nature, community and everyday life, together with topics of colonization, personal identity, and kinship, as topics for reflection. These combine a new dialogue between history and the present, between today’s reality and what local audiences might imagine about the Netherlands.

Promoting deeper communication between China and the Netherlands is one of the primary motivations for this exhibition project. This year marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands. “NL Imagined” is an essential cultural component of a broader program conceived to celebrate this anniversary. The Netherlands is a global centre for art publishing, with a long history of design excellence, including photo books. “NL Imagined” includes examples of award-winning books published by six leading Dutch publishers and other institutions on loan from the cultural section of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China. A range of online and offline sharing and discussion on practices in Dutch photography will also accompany the exhibition.

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