TRIGGER Summer Read 23

Fieldwork for Future Ecologies: Radical Practice for Art and Art-Based Research, edited by Bridget Crone, Sam Nightingale, and Polly Stanton (Onomatopee, 2022)

Text: Yining HE

During the Covid-19 era, a significant surge was observed in collaborative fieldwork endeavours targeting art and art-related research across China. These projects were initiated by either institutions or self-organized groups and brought together artists, curators, writers, and researchers from diverse disciplines. They covered a plethora of themes, including ethnic relations, rural transformation, art education, geopolitics, technophilia, and artistic intervention, to bring local knowledge to contemporary art and beyond in the Chinese context. Aiming to draw upon the collective wisdom and gather a wide array of local knowledge concerning these fieldworks, I commissioned artists, writers, curators, and theorists to contribute to the inaugural edition of Starlight, a publication project devoted to investigating the contemporary art landscape within China…

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