Land Representation 地景再现


JIMEI X ARLES International Photo Festival
集美 X 阿尔勒国际摄影季
2015.11.15 – 12.06

Land Representation 地景再现
何伊宁x 沈宸 Curators: Yining HE x Chen SHEN


实际上Landscape一词在英文中本身便含有人对自然和环境的改造之意。1975年,于纽约George Eastman House呈现的新地质摄影展(New Topographics Exhibition: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape),以无表情美学的姿态集中展示了人对自然环境无可逆转的改造之态,扭转了摄影史传统中对于风景之美浪漫主义式的表达。2002年诺贝尔化学奖获得者保罗·克鲁琛在《自然》杂志上发表文章,第一次提出“人类纪”的概念,将人类对于地球改造之影响上升到与“冰河作用”、“物种大灭绝”同一级别的程度。

“地景再现”将展出美国摄影师莱恩·杰博利斯基(Ryan Debolski), 冰岛女摄影师席瓦拉·拉格纳(Svala Ragnars)以及中国摄影师程新皓的代表作品,意在探讨当代地景摄影实践中的多元方法论,批判性地探索和展现地景摄影与社会学、地理学和文化议题如何发生关联。

The relationship between human and land has always been a subject concerned by philosophers, scientists and humanists. The Book of Changes (Zhouyi) provides that “Looking up to the sky to learn astronomy, while looking down to the ground to learn geography.” Based on human-land relationship, photographic practices explore the distribution and change of landscape, as well as the space frame of the society. This has become one of the most important directions of modern photography. In Chinese, “scenery” makes people think of salon aesthetics, so we use “landscape” to make a distinction.

In fact, “landscape” implies human’s recreation of the nature and environment. In 1975, in George Eastman House, New York, New Topographics Exhibition: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape used deadpan to show the irreversible changes that human made to the nature, which transferred the tradition of expressing the beauty of landscape in romanticism. In 2002, Paul J·Crutzen, a Nobel Prize winner, published an article on Nature and first proposed the concept of Anthropocene. It made human’s influence on the world as severe as glaciations and speci-extinction.

Land Representation will exhibit works of American photographer Ryan Debolski, Icelandic woman photographer Svala Ragnars and Chinese photographer Xinhao Cheng. The exhibition aims at exploring the various methodology in modern landscape photography and critically present the relationship between landscape photography and sociology, geography and cultural debates.




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