NEW PHOTO and Beyond – Chinese Contemporary Photobook Exhibtion 1996 – 2015 《新摄影》之后


JIMEI X ARLES International Photo Festival
集美 X 阿尔勒国际摄影季
2015.11.15 – 12.06

NEW PHOTO and Beyond – Chinese Contemporary Photobook Exhibtion 1996 – 2015
《新摄影》之后,中国当代摄影书展 (1996 - 2015)

何伊宁,沈宸,阚珊珊 Curators: Yining HE, Chen SHEN, Shanshan KAN

自摄影术发明至今, 摄影书便以其丰富的历史及独特性, 成为历代摄影家们展示以及再创作的重要形式。从传统的家庭相簿到个人摄影作品集, 从艺术家展览画册再到限量艺术家摄影书, 隐藏在封面与封底之间的摄影不单单是照片凝固下来的瞬间再现, 它还同文字和设计一同, 构建出独一无二的纸上世界,并吸引着无数摄影家、摄影爱好者、学者以及藏家的青睐。

“《新摄影》之后,中国当代摄影书展 (1996 - 2015)”以1996年《新摄影》杂志的创刊作为线索,向观众呈现了《新摄影》杂志创刊至今,由中国摄影师所制作与出版的百余本摄影书与摄影杂志,集中体现了中国当代摄影独立出版的丰富历史和多元表达。《新摄影》杂志由摄影艺术家荣荣与刘铮于1996年创办,在其后的两年中编辑出版共四册,流通于先锋摄影的圈子内,是期刊类摄影书独立出版的先例和范例。从更广义的范围上说,《新摄影》奠定了中国实验摄影的独立身份,促使中国当代摄影艺术的成熟化。

在展现中国当代摄影出版物这一极具学术研究价值的主题同时,该展览还以“摄影书作为一种创作方式”为切入点,尝试探讨当代摄影书创作与叙事、视觉表达和传播之间的关系,邀请观众一同来分享中国当代摄影这一急待被探索的创作形式。《新摄影》之后 —中国当代摄影书展 (1996 - 2015)作为”集美×阿尔勒:东西方对话国际摄影季”书展的一部分,由摄影史论学者、策展人何伊宁同三影堂摄影艺术中心策展人沈宸,以及三影堂艺术商店主管阚珊珊共同策划。

Since the very beginning of creation of photography, photobook, owing to its abundant traditions and specialties, has been playing a vital role for presentation and recreation for photographers, from traditional family album to personal photographic portfolio, from exhibition catalogue to limited hand-made photobook. The photographs beneath the covers are not merely representation of stationary moments, but co-construct an unique world on the papers , along with texts and designs. Hence, its glamour has attracted generations of photographers, amateurs, scholars and collectors.

NEW PHOTO and Beyond – Chinese Contemporary Photobook Exhibtion 1996 – 2015, uses NEW PHOTO magazine as the clew and origin, and presents over hundred of photobooks made by Chinese photographers to indicate the diverse phases and voices of Chinese contemporary photobook publishing. NEW PHOTO magazine was edited and published by photographic artists RongRong and Liu Zheng from 1996 to 1998. There were four issues in total and only circulated within avant-garde photography circle. NEW PHOTO magazine was a pioneer and icon of Chinese periodical photobook publishing. From a broaden sense, NEW PHOTO magazine established an independent identity for Chinese experimental photography and promoted the maturation of modern photography artists.

Not only presenting the academic dimension of Chinese photobooks, but also focusing on photobooks as creative medium to explore the relationship among contemporary photobooks’ creation, narration, visual expression and communication, we cordially invite the audience to share and explore the fresh domain of Chinese contemporary photobooks. As part of the photobook exhibitions in JIMEI X ARLES: East West Encounters International Photo Festival, NEW PHOTO and Beyond – Chinese Contemporary Photobook Exhibtion 1996 – 2015 is curated by Yining He (Photography historian and Curator), Chen Shen (Curator of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre) and Shan Shan (Bookstore Manager of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre).

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