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Insider / Outsider

Street Photography China Award Group Exhibition



Street Photography was born in the response to the modern city, the life and experience in its streets, the pulse of its diversity and twists of its complexity. With its wealth of visual information and democratic character, street photography has cemented its importance as the primary medium of the urban quotidian.


Today, the city has become a battleground for the “street sweepers” of photography, those constantly trying to break the mold in both form and subject. However, these photographers are faced with multiple challenges: on one hand they are limited by street photography’s own, self-imposed boundaries. On the other hand, they are confronted with homogenization: historic urban landscapes have all but disintegrated and classic centers of consumption have disappeared —cities have begun to lose their personality.


“Insider / Outsider” brings together the work of 10 photographers. The show encourages photographers not to stick to a single pattern, instead it urges each to find his or her own language of expression within the medium. It motivates photographers not to just be spectators of change; photographers should become their own critics, constantly finding new ways to see the world around them.

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