hui xiang: Fifty Publications from Chinese Contemporary Art Practice during 2020-2023 (exhibition)


The Port and The Image III: Echoes of Ports has been selected as one of the publications for the “Fifty Publications from Chinese Contemporary Art Practice during 2020-2023” exhibition. The event will occur from June 3rd to August 3rd, 2023, at ZiWU in Shanghai.

“The Port and The Image” is an ongoing art commission project I have collaborated on with the China Port Museum since 2016. The third edition, “Echoes of Ports,” contemplates the transformation of “ports” as spaces of geography, transportation, and cultural production throughout a hundred years of China’s modern history. The project has invited six Chinese artists active in the field of visual arts – Chen Ronghui, Wang Hanlin, Sun Haiting, Song Tianqi, Cheng Xinhao, and Liu Yujia – to conduct visual explorations around different topics related to Hainan Free Trade Port, Shandong Port, Dandong, Harbin, Kunming, and Kunlun Mountain.

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