Gender Awareness in Photography and the History of Photography


Gender Awareness in Photography and the History of Photography

The Second Workshop of “Genders Engender”

Taikang Space

Topic: The Histories of Feminist Photography and its History – an Exploratory Framework of this Research

Starting from Illuminations: Women Writing on Photography from the 1850s to the Present written by British writer Liz heron,  and art historian Val wills, I try to propose an experimental framework around the writing practice of women and photography by European and American scholars under the framework of feminist theory. This framework will guide me to conduct periodic research on famous historians and historical works in the history of feminist photography, and on the one hand, it will increase readers’ understanding of the development process and important figures in the history of feminist photography. Investigating female photography practitioners, writers and scholars is to promote the process of photography history through writing practice. On the other hand, we should re-recognize the rich connotations of photography and women in the context of art history, cultural studies and feminist theory.

This lecture starts from the concept of women’s photography history, summarizes the origin, development, main contents covered and recent trends of women’s photography history, as well as the history constructed by exhibitions and seminars of museums and institutions besides books. At the same time, the content interpretation around this framework will lead the audience into my research project, pointing to the response of female photography history writing to practitioners and related issues such as gender, race and power from five aspects of ” technology / experiment”, ” self / body”, ” scenery / place”, ” war / atrocities” and ” family /everyday”.

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