Brownie#2: The Poetry of Everyday Life 

Life can be uninspiring sometimes. The same things happen over and over again, and even though we are kept busy everyday, nothing actually ever seems to happen. Is it our lives, or is it just us?

Perhaps there is a different way of looking at things. Perhaps there is beauty hidden in every moment. Perhaps ordinary is extraordinary. Perhaps there is poetry where we least expect it: in everyday life. And so, through the lens and stories of photography, we ask: how can photography reframe our view of everyday life?

Volume Two details:

21cm x 27.5cm, 156 pages, bilingual (English and Chinese).

Volume Two contents:

Photography’s Shift Towards The Everyday / Seeing Things In A Different Light / What We Touch, Touches Us / Everyday Strategies Against Mundanity / Home Is Where Inspiration Lives / Everything is Equal Inside The Frame / From Ordinary To Extraordinary / Giving Voice To Space / The Shrouded World

Volume Two contributors and photographers:

Yining He / Jiaxi & Zhe / Ting Cheng / Yu Tong Lai / Sean Huang / Yanyuan Yang / Max Siedentopf /Flack Studio / Shankun Wu

Featured stories:

Seeing Things In A Different Light
Jiaxi and Zhe talk about their series “The Architecture of Still Life”, where they discover beauty in everyday surroundings, by taking objects out of their natural habitats to see what kind of spaces they create in a photograph.

What We Touch, Touches Us

Ting Cheng shares the story behind Baker Salon, a workshop that was born out of a craving for home-cooked food, which turned into a space where people can gather and interact with each other through baking, braiding and finally photography.

Everyday Strategies Against Mundanity

Yu Tong Lai proposes a simple five-step guide to counter mundanity in our everyday lives.

Everything is Equal Inside The Frame

Yang Yanyuan talks about her photography series “Same”, where the value, colour, shape and function of everyday objects are disregarded and simplified inside the camera frame.

The Shrouded World

Wu Shankun talks about how he came to create the series “Innocent Youth”, in an attempt to recreate the fragments of his memory as his memories began to blur. It was during this process that he became aware of the relationship between people and their everyday environments


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