A Proposal for Writing the History of Chinese Female Photographers (article) 一份关于华裔女性摄影史写作的提案 (杂志文章)


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2023 June Edition

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"A Proposal for Writing the History of Chinese Female Photographers"

Yining He

Despite the significant contributions made by Chinese female photographers to the field of photography, there has been a severe imbalance in the historical writing, criticism, and exhibition of their work. Furthermore, there is a lack of critical discussion regarding the intersection of identity, gender discourse, and photographic history. This article proposes an exploratory writing plan from the perspective of a photography historian, intending to re-evaluate the contributions of Chinese female photographers to the history of photography since the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

The article will primarily focus on three frameworks: "Connecting Society," "Measuring Geography," and "Exploring Discourse." The first section, "Connecting Society," will examine how Chinese female photographers use photography to connect society by documenting topics such as social life and folk culture. The second section, "Exploring Discourse," will explore how Chinese female artists have engaged in discussions related to body, gender, and identity, as well as the expression of gaze and gender fluidity in the works of female artists across generations. The third section, "Measuring Geography," will focus on the "local" photographic practices of Chinese female photographers. The aim is to examine the sources of value behind their extraordinary ambition. It will explore Chinese geography and how they transform their experiences gained from traveling into rich forms of creation, challenging, transforming, and redefining the meaning of landscape.