Zoom In: Photographing Intimacy 放大:摄影与亲密关系


Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre

Intimacy seems to become scarce in our hyper-connected world. Everyday, we photograph our friends and our surroundings, we take selfies, and share personal moments on WeChat or Facebook. Does it make us artists? Are the images we share of our everyday life « intimate »? What does intimacy mean and how can it be captured through photography? This topic will be discussed by five photographers who look at the world and people around them with a desire to reveal their intimacy and pass on their deep emotions.

RongRong & inri, the influential Sino-Japanese couple who have been working together since 2000, unfold an intimate world while connecting with China’s socio-economic transformations. Their past critically acclaimed series of works, such as Mt. Fuji, in Nature, Liulitun, and Tsumari Story focus on the beauty of the human body in nature and the value of new beginnings in their shared life and surroundings, especially amidst a rapidly changing world.

RongRong & inri, Untitled, 2008, No 25

Shanghai artist Coca Dai’s series Judy Zhu 2008-2015, began at first as daily snapshots of his girlfriend and developed into a significant intimate narrative on contemporary womanhood.

Pixy Liao’s ongoing long-term project Experimental Relationship began in 2007. In this work, she stages photographs with her Japanese boyfriend, Moro, to challenge conventional ideas of gender dynamics and explore how national culture influences interactions in a romantic relationship.

Ann Ray met Lee McQueen in 1996, when he had just been made the artistic director of Givenchy. An immediate friendship was formed; over 13 years, until his death in 2010, Lee McQueen let Ann Ray photograph everything: preparations, runway shows, intimate moments.


  • He Yining, independent writer and curator



13:30-14:15 谈话 – 《放大:拍摄亲密关系》


在我们这个高度互联的世界里,亲密关系似乎开始变得稀缺。 我们每天给朋友和周围的环境拍照、进行自拍,并在微信或脸书上分享个人时刻。 它能让我们成为艺术家吗?我们分享的日常生活形象是否能让我们感觉“亲密”? 亲密关系意味着什么?如何通过摄影捕捉到它?这一主题将由五名摄影师进行探讨,他们通过观察身边的人和世界来揭示他们的亲密感并传递他们的深层情感。

自2000年以来,荣荣(Rong Rong)和映里(Inri)这对分别来自中国和日本的颇有影响力的艺术家夫妇就一直携手合作。他们的摄影作品在与中国的社会经济转型相联系的同时,也展现了一个私密世界。他们过去一系列广受好评的作品,如《富士山》(Mt. Fuji)、《自然中》(in Nature)、《六里屯》(Liulitun)和《妻有物语》(Tsumari Story)等均聚焦于展示自然中的人体之美,以及在他们共同的生活和环境中(特别是身处在一个快速变化的世界中)新的开始的价值所在。上海艺术家戴建勇(Coca Dai)的系列作品《朱凤娟2008–2015》(Judy Zhu 2008-2015)起初只是对他女友进行的日常抓拍, 而后逐渐发展成为一种有意义的关于当代女性的亲密叙述。廖逸君(Pixy Liao)的长期项目《实验性关系》(Experimental Relationship)仍在进行当中, 该项目最初启动于2007年。在这部作品中, 她展示了与她的日本男友Moro的系列合影,用以挑战传统的性别动力学观念,以及探 索民族文化是如何影响恋爱关系中的互动的。安·雷(Ann Ray)在1996年遇到了李·麦昆(Lee McQueen),李那时刚刚被任命为纪梵希(Givenchy)的艺术总监,一段亲密的友谊就此开始且持续了整整十三年的时间,直到李于2010年去世。在李的允许下安·雷得以拍摄到关于他的一切活动:准备工作、时装秀以及一些私密时刻。

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