The Port and The Image: Documenting China’s Harbor Cities | Publication

240 pages

25 cm x 20.5 cm

Edition of 800

Organized by He Yining

Designed by Jiazazhi Press in 2017

Published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

Photographers: Chen Wenjun & Jiang Yanmei, Huang Zhengwei, Li Chaoyu, Xu Hao, Yang Yuanyuan, Zheng Chuan, Zhu Lanqing

“港口与影像:行动中的中国港城影像计划”是由中国港口博物馆委任摄影史学者、策展人何伊宁所策划、组织的展览项目,是宁波港口文化月的重要活动之一。其目标在于主要通过摄影这一在艺术内外出入自由的实践,通过影像艺术家的创作来探索全球经济一体化背景下中国港口地区发展的现实环境,以及港城空间关系下发展中所存在的问题,该展览邀请了共八位来自不同学科背景和知识结构的摄影艺术家,分别就七座港口及其城市(宁波、泉州、广州、南京、上海、香港、大连)进行实地的拍摄。配合展览的出版物,《港口与影像:行动中的中国港城影像计划》画册由假杂志社整体设计, 上海文化出版社于2017年10月出版。

The Port and the Image: Documenting China’s Harbor Cities is a project organized and curated by photography researcher and curator He Yining for the China Port Museum. The Project uses photography to explore the individual memories and realities of development in China’s port cities in a modern, economically integrated world. Moreover, “The Port and the Image” seeks to address the issues created between the harbor and the city caused by rapid economic development. This exhibition includes eight photographers from different backgrounds and different fields. The images included are from seven harbors and their surrounding cities (Ningbo, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dalian). This catalogue, designed by Jiazazhi Press is published in conjunction with exhibition.

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