Practice and Theory of Contemporary Landscape Photography



时间:2015年8月10日 Date: Aug 10th, 2015

地点:云南大理古城 KCC秘境小院 KCC, Dali, Yunan

主办:色影无忌 Organizer: XITEK

嘉宾:何伊宁 程新皓
Guests: Yining He, Xinhao Cheng

Host: Wang Huan





Camera is a tool to visualize the outside world. Using photography to capture landscape has always been a major part of exploration in photographic practice. In recent years, many domestic photographers create landscape works to reflect today’s China, which made “landscape photography” a hot word recently.

Therefore, today, the landscape photography we are talking about is neither merely taking pictures for beautiful sceneries, nor seeking for an aesthetic adventure. Landscape can do more than housing exterior elements. It is rather a medium. Nowadays, our observations of landscape are always accompanied by social concepts. Memories, power and history presented by landscape are entwined with each other.

Landscape is a medium with both common and personal significance. For instance, a place where someone used to live will call out his or her own memories. Meanwhile, it has its objective nature, including the appearance, history and culture. When we use photography to respond to a certain place, we are not only capturing the appearance, but the emotion connected with such a place. For instance, we think of desolation when facing the wild; horror sometimes when facing the forest; and human civilization the city square. In this way, landscape is a complicated medium.

This lecture invited two lecturers to talk about landscape photography based on their own experience, works that influenced them and cases in the past. After their speaking, we will come into a discussion. The lecturers will answer the questions.

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