Organic Iconography 有机图像志




Organic Iconography 有机图像志

Go East Project × 凹凸空间

Go East Project × AOTU Studio

时间:2015.12.06 -2016.1.04
Duration: Dec 06, 2015 - Jan 04, 2016

Opening: 4 p.m, Dec 06, 2015

Address: AOTU Studio ( No. 67 Beixinqiaotoutiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

Artists: Chen Xiaoyi, Chen Yi, Cheng Xinhao, Du Yang, He Bo, Hu Hao, Li Junnan, Liu Lian, Liu Shuwei, Shen Chen, Song Xiaolin, Wang Huan, Wang Jing, Xu Hao, Yang Yuanyuan, Yang Yunchang, Zhu Lanqing, Zhu Taole, 9mouth

Curator:He Yining


Camera Lucida Reading Session: 2 p.m, Dec 06, 2015

Chair of the reading session: Hu Hao



Go East Project于2014年1月1日创立,旨在通过博客、展览、出版等方式长期向西方推广中国当代摄影,并帮助年轻摄影师搭建国际化的摄影平台,探索摄影的无限可能。从2015年开始,Go East Project 落户《文艺风赏》杂志新审美栏目,每月选取一个摄影与当代文化领域交叉的议题,通过纸上展览的方式,向读者展示中国当代摄影的方方面面。

作为一个致力于搭建摄影平台的机构,Go East Project鼓励年轻人通过摄影的媒介去挖掘当代文化活动里的种种议题,在即将于北京凹凸空间(Aotu Studio)开幕的《有机图像志》展览中,策展人选取了十九位年轻摄影师的不同照片作为观看对象。这些照片来自不同的系列,被不同的作者按照不同的逻辑创造出来。它们的共同点在于其并非对现实的直接再现,而是通过对现实的裁切、组合或虚构来创造另一种现实,这种现实指向照片本身。



与此同时,时值法国思想家罗兰·巴特(Roland Barthes)诞辰100周年,展览当日下午还将举办围绕巴特著作《明室》(Camera Lucida)为主题的读书会,欢迎来自不同学科背景的摄影爱好者参与到讨论当中。本次读书会将由中国人民大学美学专业硕士研究生胡昊担任主持。

Go East Project × Aotu Studio

Organic Iconography

Establish in 1st Jan of 2014, Go East Project, through its blog, exhibitions and publications, aims at introducing contemporary Chinese photography to the West, supporting young talents to establish a local photography platform of an international scope, and exploring the infinite possibilities of photography. Currently running a column for ZUI Found magazine, every month, Go East Project present various aspects of Chinese contemporary photography by introducing theme-related articles to the readers.

As an agency devoted to building a photographic platform, Go East Project encourages young people to use photography to explore debates around us. In the coming exhibition “Organic Iconography” held at Aotu Studio, Beijing, the curator has selected various photographs from 19 new-generation photographer as viewing objects. These photographs are from different series, and are created by various authors with diverse logic accordingly. What they share in common is that none of these photographs are direct representation of the reality itself. Instead, they attempt to construct another sort of reality by methods of cutting, composing and imaginary, a reality which refers to the photographs per se.

Yet, when these photographs are displayed in the same space, the constructed reality collapses into pieces as its natural and direct counterpart. However, these pieces, which can be seen as morphemes that have lost the possibility to sign complete meanings, have been building up a new surface of reality according to their inherent logics (and locations in a certain space) by interacting with other photographs. This way of reconstruction is exactly like the self-assembly process performed by molecule in solutions – merely relying on the iconographic nature of the independent images, without the external intervene, self-reconstruct into an ordered complex.

This exhibition aims to present such possibility of organic growing in icons.

In addition, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the French thinker Roland Barthes. In the afternoon of the exhibition, a reading club will be held to discuss Barthes’s book Camera Lucida. We hope photographers from different fields join us in the discussion.