Never Stop Documenting: How Photographic Practice can Thaw Historical Memories?(lecture) 声影不息:影像实践何以解冻历史记忆?(讲座)

Series of Lectures on Photography Art Ecology, online lecture, d SCHOOL, The Central Academy of Fine Arts

The lecture will focus on the recent years of Chinese contemporary art in which artists have used photography and moving images to retrace, reflect on and challenge colonial history and cultural hegemony. The lecture mainly focuses on the following questions: How do the undercurrents of colonial history continue to have a broad impact on global life through Walter D Mignolo’s “Colonial Model of Power” (CMP)? How do contemporary art practitioners link archival materials and their creation to provide multiple narrative approaches between history, present, and future? How can creators invoke personal experiences and intellectual structures and offer a Chinese voice to the broader context of cultural and artistic global decolonization?


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