Elemental Landscape 隐逸的灵境


隐逸的灵境 Elemental Landscape

参展艺术家 | 陈萧伊, 林舒, 卢彦鹏, 徐浩
策展人 | 何伊宁

ARTISTS:Xiaoyi Chen, Lin Shu, Lu Yanpeng, Xu Hao
CURATOR : He Yining

日期 Dates :2016.07.16 – 2016.09.16
开幕 Opening:2016.07.16 4 pm – 7 pm
开放时间: 周二 – 周日10:30 am – 6 pm
电话:(8610)5762 6353




Elemental Landscape

The concept of “landscape” is rich and plural, rendering its meaning in a constant state of flux. As an object in artistic creations, “landscape” has never failed to inspire and contribute to boundless materials and imagination into the realm of Chinese and Western art. As artists carry out the application of photography, landscape possesses a significant organization mode resulted from the interaction between given external and internal factors, which shows complex relations between artists and the world, the landscape and the artists.

The cultural difference between Chinese and Western landscape art in contrary, proves to be the catalyst in promoting creation and thinking towards photographic practice and research on the theme of landscape. In Chinese culture, the art of Shanshui represents the interactions between the universe and all living things, along with Chinese traditional philosophy and spiritual thoughts exerted an imperceptible and profound influence on some of the works of the budding young photographers.

By employing “landscape” as the theme, the Elemental Landscape has decided to display the works of Chen Xiaoyi, Lin Shu, Lu Yanpeng and Xu Hao to show how aesthetics, traditional philosophy and literal moral in Chinese Shanshui paintings play their parts in the process of these reproductions. Despite the differences in forms and ways of expression among theses four artists, the essence of Chinese aesthetics and western mediums permeating with each other, however, is revealed at the same time. The exhibition seeks to stimulate audiences’ perception of ‘landscape’ by applying the interactions between images, different materials and installations, propelling the mind into the ‘distance’, the universe of ever-changing landscape.

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photo credit: Zhao Lingxuan


Tabula Rasa 画廊致力于推广中国本土和国际的当代艺术家,2015 年 5 月成立于北京 798 艺术区,是一个展览和推广当代艺术的空间,定期举办艺术家讲座、讨论会,并支持出版和研究项目。 我们的名字 Tabula Rasa 源于拉丁语,指被书写的石板在擦拭磨白后重新开始的状态。今天 tabula rasa 同时被广泛地运用在西方哲学领域,特指理论上人在没有接受感官和经验影响之前最朴质的空白状态。 我们希望画廊呈现的展览能颠覆观众之前的观看经验,为新的艺术实验提供可能性。

Tabula Rasa Gallery is based in Beijing’s 798 art district. Established in 2015, it aims to promote both Chinese and international contemporary artists through exhibitions, talks, research and publication. The gallery name is Latin for ‘blank state’. In philosophical discourse, it refers to the idea that our knowledge comes from experiences and educations, we are all born in a Tabula Rasa state. We hope the exhibitions Tabula Rasa presents can subvert viewers’ preconceptions, creating conditions for fresh artistic experiments.


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