Will our hometown be forgotten by the rapidly developing society? (exhibition)我们的故乡会被加速的时代所遗忘吗?(展览)


友谊书展2021 "我们的城市,我们的村"





参展艺术家:江演媚 & 陈文俊 郭国柱 朱岚清


地点:深圳·南头古城 中山东街90号E-35空间






"Our City, My Community" Eureka! Touring Library

05: Will our hometown be forgotten by the rapidly developing society?

Photobook Exhibition

Curator: He Yining

Duration: 2021.4.30-5.30

Location: Nantou City, Shenzhen

Over the last half century,the homeland has considered a field that has gradually endowed with emotion, imagination, and memory through the geographer Yi-fu Tuan’s fabricated concept "topophilia"  to the anthropologists Olivia Angé and David Berliner's writing on anthropology and nostalgia. And its presence and environment become the carrier and symbol of emotional events.

The exhibition "Will our hometown be forgotten by the rapidly developing society? " focusing on 40 publications and photobook works created by Chinese and foreign photographic artists on topics related to hometown, urbanization and accelerating society. It covers the visual record of the local people and urban landscape of the Greater Bay Area from the mid-1900s to the present day, the visual representation of global urbanization after the millennium,as well as thematic reflections that dig deeper in response to the above practices. The exhibition attempts to construct a visual model of hometown from image creation around the perspectives of field, environment, interaction, ritual, emotion, and medium, inviting readers to find the temperature of imagination and individual memory in the thoughts of hometown woven by images and pages.


Sub Exhibition: Returning to that Hometown:Three Perspectives

Artist: Jiang Yanmei & Chen Wenjun,Guo Guozhu,Zhu Lanqing