Floating Island: Journal of Photography and Visual Culture, vol 1 (Editorial)《浮屿:摄影与视觉文化研究》1 (编著)



Floating Island: Photography and Visual Culture Studies Vol.1

Chief Edited by Yining He

Publisher: JZZP, first published in May 2022

“Floating Island: Journal of Photography and Visual Culture” is a publication that offers comprehensive analysis and extensive discussions on emerging trends and theories in the field of photographic art. The inaugural edition of this publication centers on the subject of contemporary Chinese photography. It showcases scholarly studies and critiques contributed by 11 eminent professors and researchers from both China and Europe, all of which are focused on recent developments in the field.

“Floating Island” explores the wide-ranging connections between photography and diverse disciplines such as visual culture, sociology, anthropology, aesthetics, and philosophy. We are dedicated to highlighting innovative and relevant subjects in contemporary photography research. We also offer a space for diverse texts and academic discussions for scholars of photography history, theory, and critique. We aim to bridge Chinese photography with contemporary social and cultural contexts through various topics, resulting in a critical and interdisciplinary dialogue. Our ultimate goal is to provide fresh ideas and discussions to the study of current Chinese photographic history and theoretical research.




Return Home – Photographic Report of a Journey _ Roberto Figliulo

Affection and Ethics: On Family Photography, Again _ Yunchang Yang

On Fictional Photographic Archive _ Bo He

Absence-Essence: Convergences Between the East and the West in Their Landscape Aesthetic _ Joan Villaplana




Empire of the Ineffable: Roland Barthes’s Search For “A Message Without A Code” From Photography to the Haiku and to Photography _ Hanlu Zhang

What is 21st Century Photography? _ Daniel Rubinstein




Images of Anamnesis – Map as a Producer of Visual Form and Content of Knowledge _ Min Chen

Mang People and Landscape: The Spatial Narrative of a Border Community _ Xinhao Cheng

Papi Jiang as a Port: Chinese Internet and Nationalism, Gender and Fan Economy _ Yuxiang Dong


Book Review


Enlarging: The Construction and Production of the Histories of Photography as a Plural _ Hao Hu

The Civilization of Photographic Research: A Preparatory Course on the “Pharmacology” of Visual Culture _ Guaier Huang + Runzhong Wang


Chief Editor: Yining He

Guest Editor: Huan Wang

Translator: Xinyuan Cai, Yixiao Lin, Xinyi Chen

Guest Editor: Cong Wang, Xiaomei Wu

Designer: Yinhe Cheng

Publisher: JZZP

Size: 130mm × 200 mm × 25 mm

Page: 320


《浮屿》 是一本不定期出版的学术文集,每期针对当下摄影与视觉文化的研究动向进行挖掘和发散讨论。 第一期围绕当下中国摄影写作的维度进行组稿,历时五年的筹备, 收录了来自中国和欧洲共十一位研究者和写作者于近些年完成的论文和评论作品。


● 专题写作

返乡:关于一段旅程的摄影报告 罗飞

情与理:家庭摄影再讨论 杨云鬯

虚构的摄影档案 何博

缺席-本质:东西方风景美学的交汇 胡安·维利帕兰诺


○ 理论与批评

无言之境: 罗兰·巴特对“无编码讯息”的探寻, 从摄影到俳句再到摄影 张涵露

何为 21 世纪摄影? 丹尼尔·鲁宾斯坦


◎ 观点与方法

再现的图像: 地图作为知识的视觉形式 与内容的生产者 陈旻

莽人与风景: 一个边界族群的空间叙事 程新皓

Papi酱作为端口: 中国互联网与民族主义、 性别和粉丝经济 董宇翔


△ 书评

放大:作为复数的摄影史的建构与生成 胡昊

摄影研究平民化: 一堂视觉文化“药理学”的预备课 黄乖儿+汪润中


特约编辑: 王欢

翻译: 蔡昕媛 林意逍 陈昕怡

特约校对: 王聪 乌晓梅

设计: 音和

出版人: 言由



尺寸:130mm × 200 mm × 25 mm



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