61069019: boooom!



61069019: boooom!


参展艺术家 Artists:

Tracey Emin, Daniel Firman, Damien Hirst, Xavier Veilhan, 曾梵志(Zeng Fanzhi)

陈拍岸(Chen Paian), Yushi Li, Himali Singh Soin, 王画(Wang Hua),张文心(Zhang Wenxin),周蒙(Zhou Meng)


展期 Duration:

2019119 - 2020210


地址 Address:


展览开幕 Exhibition Opening:


2019119 4pm - 8pm

 Opening Party x STD - Rebel of 2 Gens

Special performance at 5:30pm

61069019: boooom! 作为 BROWNIE Project 全新空间的揭幕展,集中关注生于20世纪60年代与90年代的先锋艺术家:从80年代末掀起狂潮的 Young British Artists (YBAs,英国青年艺术家),到目前在中国与国际舞台崭露头角的青年艺术从业者。他们开始活跃的时间相隔一整个代际,作品却集中体现出强大的视觉冲击力,通过多元的创作媒介和美学游刃于通俗与精英审美之间;更重要的是这些作品乍看斑斓,冷静或玩味戏谑的外表下, 均是扎根于时代语境的反叛与开拓者精神,体现了个体生命体验与当下流行文化,当代社会或身份认同的碰撞。

80年代末至90年代,以 YBAs 为首的年轻艺术家凭借超前的概念和对传统艺术媒介的挑战成为当代艺术史上无可取代的符号:他们跳脱出任何既有框架,作品看似感性和挑衅的外衣之下,是对社会现实的冷静反思与自我身份的宣言;同时代中国艺术家中也不乏这样的存在,他们以激进和富有表现欲的方式挑战传统审美的清规戒律,映射出社会剧变催生的焦虑与不安。三十年前的反叛之火延展与点燃了“艺术”二字的边界与生机,直至今天:艺术的界限和门槛渐趋模糊,且时而滑入消费甚至娱乐的暗渠;社会文化环境愈多元,舆论亦愈凶猛,创作者作为亲历者和观察者,需要具备更高效准确的信息过滤与处理能力 —— 在这种情况下,先锋(avant-garde)作为革新精神和创作态度,究竟如何传承?艺术作为从不曾纯粹的发声工具,如何以直白或婉转的方式渗透到人类活动的其他领域?

展览试图在致敬前辈艺术家、挖掘新锐与青年艺术家的同时,引发两代人间的对照与对话。作品媒介跨越影像、绘画、行为、雕塑、大型装置,主题在微妙和大胆中转换,同时向观众抛出问题:以30年为单位的代际交替中,是什么在一脉相承?是什么在改变?又是谁在当下复杂世界的众多极端中抽丝剥茧?61069019 的循环中,曾经出现多少掷地有声的轰鸣,未来又将出现何种样貌的发展轨迹?是否每个时代都会有以勇气做大理石和画布的先行者——他们往往在虚伪和浅显的对立面、在现实和理想之间,筑起孤独却坚定的堡垒。

展览同期 BROWNIE Project 将在M50空间携手各界伙伴共同举办一系列公共活动,横跨音乐、文学、设计、时尚等领域,探索先锋精神的在此时此景的意义。



As the inaugural show of BROWNIE Project's new exhibition space, 61069019 boooom! focuses on pioneer artists born in the 1960s and the 1990s, including the Young British Artists (YBAs), who caused a sensation in the art scene and beyond in the 1980s, and young artists who are currently up-and-coming in China and abroad. The starting points of their careers are 30 years apart. Still, all of their works create powerful visual impressions and embrace the tastes of both the mass and the elites with the use of diverse media and visual languages. More importantly, what lies beneath the seemingly uncanny, calm or playful works is the rebellious spirit rooted in the time they live in. These artworks are reflections of the clash between individual life experiences and popular culture, contemporary society, as well as identity issues.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, Young British Artists became an irreplaceable icon in the history of contemporary art with unprecedented concepts and challenges to conventional art media. Provocative and sensitive at first glance, their works are fierce interrogation of social reality and statement of self-identity -- They are made to overturn any existing frame. Meanwhile, in the contemporary Chinese art scene, there are also artists who work in a radical and expressive way, resonating with the anxiety caused by social upheaval.

The rebellious fire started 30 years ago extended and ignited the boundary and vitality of art until today: a time when the borderlines and thresholds of art are gradually getting blurred, even tending to slip into the pitfall of consumerism and entertainment. The increasingly diverse social and cultural environment and public opinion require artists, as observers, to have more efficient and accurate information filtering and processing capabilities - In this case, how could the avant-garde be preserved as an attitude of progression and creation? As a tool for expressing, how could it penetrate other human activities in either candid or tactful manner?

The exhibition not only pays tribute to artists from the 1960s but also attempts to establish dialogues between the two generations. While the subjects of the artworks range from subtle to bold, the audience is able to experience different media as they move through the exhibition space: light and sound installations, large sculptures, performances, multimedia-dimensional images, paintings, etc. Between the two generations that are separated by 30 years, what has been preserved? What has been changing? And who is analyzing the complexity of the many extremes of the contemporary world? In the cycle of 61069019, how many sensations have appeared, and what kind of future trajectories will enter our sight? Does every era have pioneers who inscribe courage into marble and canvas? -- Their works are destined to build up a solitary but sturdy fortress between ideal and reality, on the opposite side of hypocrisy and shallowness.

During the exhibition, BROWNIE Project will organize a series of public events with professionals in music, literature, design, and fashion to explore the application of avant-garde spirit in today's scene.

Special thanks to the collector Mr. Thomas Shao for his support for the exhibition.