About 个人介绍




HE Yining (born. 1986), curator and writer of photography. Graduate of London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. In 2010 began work as a curator, translator, and writer specializing in photography and visual culture.


Her work is principally focused on the way in which photography is able to freely straddle the boundaries of contemporary art, responding to and raising questions about contemporary and historical social issues through effective, diverse, and interdisciplinary means. Her current academic research centers around art history, cultural studies, and other interdisciplinary frameworks. This includes, "Cultural Cognition and Photographic Symbolism: British Photography after 1960" (column for Raya Art Center, 2014-2016), Chinese Photography (column for overseas publication 2015-2018), and ongoing research into theories of narrative photography.


Yining's exhibitions have been held in museums, art museums and galleries, and other institutions in China and Europe, including: "50 Contemporary Photobooks from China 2009-2014"(2015, FORMAT15 international Photo Festival, UK), "A Fictional Narrative Turn" (2016, Jimei Arles International Photo Festival), "The Port and The Image: Documenting China's Harbor Cities" (2017, China Port Museum), and the 3rd Beijing Photo Biennale (2018, CAFA Art Museum, Beizhen Cultural Industries Center). Her publications include "Photography in the British Classroom," and "The Port and the Image," among others. Her translations include "Photography and Travel," "Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography" (forthcoming), "Art and Photography" (forthcoming), and "Artists Who Make Books" (forthcoming).


In early 2014, He Yining launched the Go East Project, which aims to promote contemporary Chinese photography in the West through blogs, exhibitions, and publications. The Go East Project seeks to support young photographers through the establishment of an international platform that explores the infinite possibilities of photography. Yining has has served as an art consultant to Brownie Art Photography since 2016.


Curatorial Projects

2018 The Gap of Time, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing

2018 Inside the Labyrinth of Knossos, Lianzhou Foto, Lianzhou

2018 Troubled Intension Ahead: Confusing Public and Private, The 3rd Beijing International Photography Biennale, CAFAM, Beijing, Beizhen Art Center, Liaoning

2018 Picturing Histories: Historical Narratives in Contemporary Chinese Photography, Research-based curatorial project shortlist exhibition, OCAT Research Center, Beijing

2017 JIMEI × ARLES Discovery Award 2017——On the Edge of the Abyss, JIMEI × ARLES International Photography Festival, Xiamen

2017 The Port and the Image: Documenting China's Habor Cities, China Port Museum, Ningbo

2017 The Everyday, Brownie Art Photography, Jingan Kerry Center, Shanghai

2016 Forest of Imagination, Go East Project 3rd Exhibition, Undefine, Shanghai

2016 A Fictional Narrative Turn, 2016 JIMEI × ARLES International Photography Festival, Xiamen

2016 Insider / Outsider——2016 Street Photography China Award Group Exhibition, Inter Gallery,798 Art District, Beijing / Lianzhou Foto Festival, Lianzhou
2016 Chinese Photobooks, Photobook Week Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
2016 Elemental Landscape, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing
2015 Organic Iconography, Aotu Studio, Beijing
2015 Land Representation &
NEW PHOTO Magazine and Beyond: Chinese Contemporary Photobook Exhibition 1996 - 2015,JIMEI × ARLES International Photography Festival, Xiamen
2015 Unfamiliar: The Second Beijing Photo Biennial Photobook Exhibition, Main Hall in CAFA Library, Beijing
2015 The Adventures of Image and Paper: Contemporary Chinese Photobooks ,Gucang Contemporary Photo Gallery, Lanzhou
2015 ____ in the Room, V ART Centre, Shanghai
2015 Mother River, Yan Wang Preston Photography Exhibition, UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange, curating with Zelda Cheatle
Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing, China
2015 5o Contemporary Chinese Photobooks 2009 -2014, Format International Photography Festival, Derby, UK
2014 Go East Project × DDC presents:Curiosity, Dust Dawn Club, Beijing, China
2014 Slow Bus to Gasa: Vanvan Chen Photography Exhibition, DESE Photo Space, Beijing, China
2014 Voyage Never Knows, Gucang Contemporary Photography Gallery, Lanzhou, China
2010 Duaflex Apple——Kiyono Dimtry Photography Exhibition, Zha Zha Café, Beijing, China




2018 Catalogue essay, "Inside the Labyrinth of Knossos"in The Wind of Time,  China International Press, Hong Kong

2018  Essay  'The Representation of Landscape in Contemporary Chinese Photography', in The Routledge Companion to Photography and Visual Culture,Routledge, London

2017 Edit, The Port and The Image: Documenting China's Habor Cities,  Shanghai Culture Publishing House (Designed by Jiazazhi Press), Shanghai

2017 Essay ' A Virtual Journey: Landscape Photography and Geographical Cognition',  in Landscape Geography, China Posts & Telecom Press, Beijing

2016 Photography in the British Classroom, Nationality Photographic Art Publishing House, Beijing

2016  Catalogue essay 'Street Photography: As a Genre', in Street Photography China,  Beijing

2016  Preface, People of Shanghai, Shanghai Literature & Art Publishing House, Shanghai

2016 Catalogue essay, in New Talent Award 2015,  Jiazazhi Press, Beijing

2014 Catalogue essay 'On the Road', in Jingxin——1st Chinese Student's Photo Biennale, Zhejiang Photographic Publishing House, Hangzhou

2012 Snap Shot, joint author, Posts and Telecommunications Press, Beijing


Self-published Photobooks and Catalogues


2014 50 Contemporary Photobooks of China, 2009-2014, exhibition catalog, designed by Yu-Studio, funded by Gucang Contemporary Photography Gallery. Hangzhou, China

2014 Voyage Never Knows, exhibition catalog, Gucang Contemporary Photography Gallery, Lanzhou, China

2013 Milky Way, self-published photobook, London, UK
2013 Totem: an introduction to British Folklore, photography, self-published artistic book by Annachiara, London, UK
2013 31 Degrees, Self-published exhibition catalog, London, UK

2012 Photography is an Adventure: Returning to Home, photography, photobook, published by OFPiX, Beijing, China


Translated Books


2018 (To be published ), Artists who Make Books, China Photographic Publishing House, Beijing

2017 (To be published ), Art and Photography, Edited by David Campany, China Photographic Publishing House, Beijing

2017 (To be published ), Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography, Zhejiang Photographic Press, Hangzhou
2016 Photography and Travel, Graham Smith, China Photographic Publishing House, Beijing

2014 Journey of the Heart, Straight Photography 1839——2014 , China Photographic Publishing House, Beijing, China
2013 Joe Farace’s Studio Lighting Anywhere, China Posts and Telecommunication Press, Beijing, China
2013 Lighting Essential, China Posts and Telecommunication Press, Beijing, China


Magazine and Newspaper Contributions


Art and Photography Reviews and Essays:

The Art Newspaper China, ArtForum, Art World, ArtZip, Art Bank, Chinese Photography Magazine, IMA, Voices of Photography, Chip Foto, Popular Photography Magazine, People's Photography Magazine, Chinese Photographers Magazine, The Photographer’s Companions Magazine, Rayart, British Council UK Now…

Features and Columns Writing:

Madame Figaro China, Bloomberg Businessweek China, China National Travel, The Modern Weekly, The Traveler, The Travel Weekly…


Symposiums, Lectures, and Talks


2018 'Photography’s Shift Towards The Everyday', The Everyday Life of Making a Photography Magazine, Talk, Brownie Art Photography, Shanghai

2018 'The Histories of Feminist Photography and its History - an Exploratory Framework of this Research", Gender Awareness in Photography and History of Photography, Taikang Space, Beijing

2017  'Echo: Photography Experiments and Dialogue Starting from Southwest China' International Symposium, A4 Art Museum, Chengdu

2017 'The Creativity and Consciousness of the Art Work', Chinese Contemporary Photography Exhibition Roundtable Discussion, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou

2017 'Is This Photography? Image Production in China Today',  Three Shadows Photography Center, Xiamen

2017 'Photographic Practice as Production of Knowledge',Jimei Arles 2017 University Lecture Series,Huaqiao University, Xiamen

2017 'Localized Image',Simultaneous Eidos——Guangzhou Image Triennial, 2017 Academic Talks,Shanghai Center of Photography,Shanghai

2017 'Follow_Me, New Narratives in Contemporary Photography, China-Switzerland',Opening Forum, OCAT Shanghai, Shanghai,

2017 'Introducing artists to the world',T3 Photo Festival Tokyo, talk with Nao Amino (IMA / Torch Press), Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

2017 'Photography and New Generation', Three-Fold Exhibition, talk, Rong Design Library, Hangzhou, China

2017 'Contemporary Photography as a media of Knowledge Production: Researches, Practices, and Exhibitions'. Three Shadows Photography Center Education Programme, Hangzhou, China

2016 'The History of Chinese Photography: Archive, Method, and Field of Vision', Symposium, Xiamen, China

2016 'On Photography Reading, Writing and Curation', talk, University of Xiamen Technology, Xiamen, China

2016  'The Role of the Graphic Designer, Editor and Publisher', Symposium, Photobook Week of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

2016 'Rethinking Photography: Can Photography Make a Change? ', Symposium, Photobook Battle, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal

2016 'Visible City', Talk, Open Muji, Shanghai
2016 'Photography Education Aboard: From Case Studies to Publication Project', Three Shadows Photography Center, Caocangdi Art District, Beijing
2016 Chinese Photography Magazine Seminar —— On Translation, Beijing
2016 Chinese Photography Magazine Seminar —— On Photography Education, Beijing
2016 'Art Photography and Human Connection', Talk, Design Republic, Shanghai,
2016 Chinese Photography Seminar —— Landscape Photography and Geographical Cognition, Yunnan, Luo Ping
2015 'The Representation of Landscape in Contemporary Chinese Photography', Lecture, Hosts by The Royal Asiatic Society in Shanghai, Li Room at the Radisson Blu Plaza Xingguo Hotel, Shanghai /The Bookworm, Beijing
2015 'On Writing with Photography', Hosts by XITER, RayArt Center, Shanghai
2015 'Practice and Theory of Contemporary Landscape Photography', Hosts by XITER, KCC, Dali, Yunan
2015 'Photography, Theory, and Practice: Education in British Photography after the 1960s', Lecture, Minsheng Art Museum
2015 'How to Apply International Photography Grants and Prizes',Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu
2014 'The Tradition and Current Issue of British Photography Education', Zhejiang University of Media and Communications
2014 'The Business of War Photography', Conference, Durham University, Durham, UK
2011 'Avant-garde and Creative Analogue Photography', UCCA Culture Program: 'China New Design' Series, Beijing
2010 'Photography and Architecture', Frank Gehry Exhibition Center, Beijing
2010 Pecha Kucha Night Photographic, Get it Louder 2010, Beijing


Portfolio Review, Jurying, and Nomination


Portfolio Review: Portfolio Dialogue 2018 , T3 Photo Festival Toyko 2017, FORMAT International Photography Festival 2018, JIMEI × ARLES  2018, 2017, 2016, ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM 2016.

Jurying: FORMAT Open Call (2019) , the 10th Three Shadows Photography Awards( 2018 ), China New Talent Awards(2016 ), China Zhejiang Graduate Photo Competition(2014).

Nomination: 2018 The Abigail Cohen Fellowship in Documentary Photography, 2017 JIMEI × ARLES Discovery Award, 2017 CCCB Photobook Phenomenon best photobook, Asia new-talent photographers, Dali International Photo Festival 2015, Best Photobook Kassel 2015.

Solo Exhibitions


2012 Expect the Unexpected, Modern Art Centre of USTC, Hefei
2010 Liars Liars Liars, Zha Zha Café, Beijing


Group Exhibitions


2014 Voyage Never Knows, Gucang Contemporary Photography Space, Lanzhou, China
2013 31 Degrees, Upper Street Gallery, London College of Communication, London, UK
2013 Between Among, SPACE Gallery, Pomona, California, US
2012 Boom, The dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, California, US








何伊宁于2014年年初创办Go East Project,旨在通过博客、展览、以及出版等方式向西方推广中国当代摄影,并帮助年轻摄影师搭建国际化的摄影平台,探索摄影的无限可能 。自2016年起担任Brownie Art Photography艺术顾问。



2018 “时间之间”,Tabula Rasa Gallery, 北京

2018 “在克诺索斯迷宫中” ,2018连州国际摄影年展,连州

2018 “梦露/门罗”,尚8美术馆,北京

2018 “混合的公共性与私密性”,第三届北京国际摄影双年展,中央美术学院美术馆(北京),北镇文化产业中心(北镇)

2018 “描绘历史:中国当代摄影中的历史叙事“,“2018年研究型展览策展计划”方案预展,OCAT研究中心,北京

2017 集美·阿尔勒国际摄影季,2017发现奖单元,厦门市集美区市民中心,厦门

2017 “港口与影像:行动中的中国港城影像计划”,宁波中国港口博物馆,宁波

2017 “日常,非常日”,BROWNIE Art Photography,上海静安嘉里中心,上海

2016 “想像的丛林”,Go East Project 第三回展,M50 UNDEFINE, 上海

2016 "虚构叙事的转向",2016集美·阿尔勒国际摄影季,厦门市集美区市民中心,厦门
2016 “从旁观到介入:街拍中国2016年度摄影师群展”,北京798映艺术中心/映画廊,北京;连州国际摄影年展,连州
2016 “中国当代摄影书“,丹麦奥胡斯摄影书周,奥胡斯建筑学院图书馆,奥胡斯,丹麦
2016 “隐逸的灵境”,Tabula Rasa Gallery, 北京
2015 “有机图像志”,Go East Project 第二回展,凹凸空间,北京
2015 “地景再现” / “‘新摄影’之后——中国当代摄影书展1996-2015”集美X阿尔勒:东西方对话国际摄影季,嘉庚剧院,厦门
2015 第二届北京国际摄影双年展书展板块:“中西摄影出版的相遇”,中央美院图书馆,北京
2015 “影与纸的奇遇:中国当代摄影书展”,谷仓当代影像馆,兰州
2015 “房间里的____”,M50视界艺术中心,上海
2015 “母亲河”, 中英文化年王岩2015中国巡展,执行策展, 重庆三峡博物馆/重庆博物馆/长江黄金邮轮1-8,重庆
2015 “来自中国的50本当代摄影书2009-2014”, FORMAT国际摄影节,德比,英国
2015 “走出背景——靠近建筑的艺术”,AJOURTER联合策展,先农大院临展空间,天津
2014 “摄影与好奇心”,Go East Project 第一回展,黄昏黎明俱乐部,北京
2014 “慢车去加沙”,陈琬摄影展, 得色空间,北京
2014 “不如我们去航海,不如我们去Tattoo”, 执行策展,谷仓当代影像馆,兰州
2010 “Duaflex Apple”, 季米特里·清野摄影展,喜鹊咖啡馆, 北京





2018 《劳特利奇摄影与视觉文化导论》,论文,“中国当代摄影的风景再现”,劳特利奇出版社,纽约,美国

2017 《港口与影像:行动中的中国港城影像计划》假杂志社设计),主编,上海文化出版社,上海


2016 《People of Shanghai, 人在上海》,罗伯特·赞皮诺著,卷首,BROWNIE 摄影书出版计划,上海文艺出版社,上海

2016 《英国摄影教室》,中国民族摄影艺术出版,北京
2012 《随手拍:摄影达人的影像新生活》, 合著, 中国邮电出版社,北京





2016 《摄影与旅行》,中国摄影出版社,北京

2014 《乘物游心:——直接摄影1839—2014》,中国摄影出版社,北京
2013 《摄影的光线》,人民邮电出版社,北京
2013 《人像摄影用光》,人民邮电出版社,北京



2018 《时间之风:2018年连州国际摄影年展》,“在克诺索斯的迷宫中”,中国国际出版社,香港

2017 《集美·阿尔勒国际摄影季2017》,“如临深渊”,论文,三影堂出版有限公司,北京

2016 《突然街拍》,“街头摄影:作为一种摄影类型”,论文,图虫网

2016 《新锐摄影奖二〇一五》画册合集,“从‘悬浮’到‘落地’——年轻创作者理想中的新锐摄影奖”,采访并文,假杂志出版
2015 《来自中国的50本摄影书2009-2014》, FORMAT国际摄影节特别版展览目录,主编,杭州
2014 《景行——2014“徐肖冰杯”中国大学生摄影双年展作品集》,编辑,郑幼幼工作室, 浙江摄影出版社,杭州
2014 《不如我们去航海,不如我们去Tattoo》,展览画册,编辑,兰州谷仓当代影像馆,兰州
2013 《图腾:英国民俗导论》,摄影,自出版,伦敦
2013 《圣地亚哥朝圣之路》,摄影与论文,自出版,伦敦
2013 《31度》,展览画册,伦敦
2012 《摄影如奇遇》, 摄影,OFPIX工作室自出版,北京



2015《太平洋时代》(Die Pazifische Epoche),记者助理, Hanser Literaturverlage, 德国





人文、旅游专题写作:《周末画报》、《旅行家》、《中国国家旅游》、《玩家惠》、《风尚志》、《费加罗》、《东方一周》、《Let’s 新城记》、《文艺风赏》、《Dreamer》等。



2018 “女性摄影史及其历史”,“制造性别”系列工作坊第二回——摄影与摄影史中的性别意识,泰康空间,北京

2017 “回声:从西南出发的影像实验与对话”研讨会,成都麓湖A4美术馆,成都

2017 “作品意识与创造力:青年学者与艺术创作者交流会”,浙江美术馆国际学术报告厅,杭州

2017 “ 这是摄影吗?今日中国的图像制造”,厦门三影堂摄影艺术中心,厦门

2017 “作为知识生产的当代摄影实践”,厦门华侨大学,厦门

2017 “在地化的影像——2017广州影像三年展上海站活动“,上海摄影艺术中心,上海

2017 “听我说——中瑞当代摄影中的新叙事”,开幕圆桌,OCAT上海馆,上海

2017 “将艺术家介绍到世界”,东京T3摄影节,东京艺术大学,东京

2017 “摄影与新一代”,Three-Fold自我、媒介、社会展览研讨会,融设计图书馆,杭州

2017 “当代摄影的知识生产:调研、实践与展示”,三影堂教育计划工作坊,杭州

2016 “中国摄影史论研究的文献、方法与视野”,集美阿尔勒国际摄影季专家研讨会,厦门

2016 “摄影的观看、书写与展示”,对话,集美阿尔勒国际摄影季高校巡回讲座,厦门

2016 “平面设计师、编辑与出版人的角色”,研讨会,对话及圆桌,奥胡斯摄影书周,奥胡斯,丹麦

2016 "重思摄影: 摄影能否改变现实?”,研讨会,摄影书论坛,第26届葡萄牙影像会摄影节(Encontros da Imagem),布拉加,葡萄牙

2016 “看的见的城市“,讲座,Open Muji, 上海
2016 “聚焦海外摄影教育:从个案研究到出版计划”,讲座,北京三影堂摄影艺术中心,北京
2016 “花冠与荆棘:对当下摄影史及理论译介问题的几点思考”,研讨会,《中国摄影》杂志“译文研讨会”
2016 “英国教育实践中摄影创作的逻辑和方法”,研讨会,《中国摄影》杂志留学摄影研讨会,北京
2016 “当代艺术摄影与人际关系”,对话,设计共和,上海
2016 “中国摄影研讨会——风景影像与地理认知”,研讨会,云南罗平
2015 “中国当代摄影的风景再现”,亚洲文会艺术聚焦,Radisson Blu, 上海 / 老书虫,北京。再生空间计划,天津美术学院摄影系,天津
2015 “来自不同背景下的‘影像’与‘写作’”,讲座,瑞象馆,上海
2015 “当代地景摄影的实践与理论”,讲座,KCC秘境小院,大理
2015 “摄影、理论与实践:1960年之后的英国摄影教育”,讲座,上海民生当代美术馆,上海,中国
2015 “如何投国际摄影节公开展和摄影奖”,讲座,成都当代美术馆,成都
2014 “英国摄影教育的传统与现况”,讲座,浙江传媒学院艺术与设计院摄影系,桐乡
2014 "战争摄影的商业:有关人类冲突影像的生产及消费",会议, 杜伦大学,杜伦,英国
2011 "中国创意胶片摄影新浪潮",讲座,尤伦斯艺术中心文化项目,北京
2010 "建筑与摄影",讲座,弗兰克盖里展览中心,太古里北区,北京
2010 Pecha Kucha Night Photographic, 2010大声展,北京




专家见面会:2018 Portfolio Dialogue, 2018、 2017、2016 集美·阿尔勒国际摄影节,2017 T3 东京摄影节,2017 英国FORMAT国际摄影节,2016 葡萄牙ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM国际摄影节

评审:2019 英国FORMAT国际摄影节公开奖, 2018 第十届三影堂摄影奖,2016 色影无忌新锐摄影奖,2014 浙江省大学生摄影竞赛

提名:2018 Abigail Cohen纪实摄影基金,2017 集美·阿尔勒国际摄影季发现奖单元、2017 巴塞罗那当代文化中心“摄影书现象”展览最佳摄影书、2015 大理国际影会,亚洲先锋摄影师成长计划、2015 德国卡塞尔2015最佳摄影书奖。




2012 Expect the Unexpected, 中国科学技术大学当代艺术中心,合肥,中国
2010 Liars Liars Liars, 喜鹊咖啡, 北京,中国




2014 不如我们去航海,不如我们去Tattoo,谷仓当代影像馆,兰州,中国
2013 31度,上街画廊, 伦敦传媒学院,伦敦,英国
2013 Between Among, 空间画廊, 波莫纳,加利福尼亚,美国
2013 Boom, dA艺术中心, 波莫纳,加利福尼亚,美国